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RSS Ajrosen16

Reward Points:209
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ajrosen16(209) Clarified
1 point

Space is finite, just ever expanding for an infinite amount of time. (Probably)

1 point

Neither are the best game ever however I prefer Minecraft.

2 points

Of course they do something unconscious couldn't send complicated religious messages. Even if it could it would have to be translated by a conscious being and in that case its still true because this one conscious being is telling every other conscious being, the message is still originating from a conscious being.

1 point

I don't understand. Was there some problem in Asia I didn't hear about? Maybe you could explain exactly what it is about the youth in Asia that we are supposed to be thinking about.

2 points

If you are referring to slang in the English language that is just a way that the language can evolve and grow, it happens with all languages and its not just teenagers. If you are referring to the actual English language (grammar and spelling and etc) then I think you are wrong. At least where I come from all of the teenagers speak perfect English. It is also important to keep in mind that on the internet teenagers relax their language so that they don't have to type as much.

1 point

Science makes assumptions all the time. The scientific method tests assumptions but those initial assumptions are made by scientists. Take Einstein for instance he assumed that nothing can travel faster than light and every other scientist for a few decades agreed with him even though they physically couldn't test it.

1 point

Its not unrealistic because they are women its unrealistic because most female action stars do all their badassing in basically no clothes at all and honestly no one smart enough to be an action star would do that.

1 point

Did you know the woman who created PPG also created MLP? How interesting is that? Plus I know a ton of bronies who enjoy both those shows, they have the same basic premise anyway, a group of heroes fighting villains.

1 point

Transformers has its roots traced back to action figures designed for 6 year old boys, there isn't a huge difference.

1 point

The odds of living a life where you never need insurance are so incredibly small. You will need insurance at some point and that is a fact.

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Name: Rosie 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Religion: Atheist

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