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RSS Aliciarose

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2 points
Your argument has no basis in reality. We cannot "ban people from procreating," because that violates the person's basic human rights. She currently is stripped of custody and has visitation rights, which appear to be going well. I firmly believe she isn't in her right mind and it has been well-publicized that her family has a history of mental illness. She craves attention because that is part of the "manic" stage of bipolarity. She had/has no grip on reality because she is ill. You really do not know what you are talking about and are just spewing nonsense at this point. I gather you've never actually worked or interacted with people who are mentally ill, so just stop.
1 point
Agree. Thank goodness she's seeking treatment from actually licensed doctors.
-1 points
There are no sorts of drugs that I'm aware of that make you skip going to your custody hearing repeatedly. None. The mental health professionals are likely not wrong in their diagnoses.
1 point
Right, you aren't an expert. I can tell you, from personal experience, bipolarity can often occur in conjunction with other disorders, or cause someone to behave erratically. Even if she is "faking it," isn't that in itself proof of some sort of mental disorder? Honestly, who would actually fake being crazy? That just doesn't make sense and is highly unlikely given how much she would stand to lose if she were pulling this and actually mentally healthy.
1 point
Absolutely guilty. As is a majority of Major League Baseball. People just care because, like Barry Bonds, he's better than most of the other players.
4 points
James, your argument makes little sense. Ron Weasley represents the heart of the stories and exists as the foil for Harry. He is certainly not the "dumbest" member of the Weasley family, because regardless of Percy's intellect, he was clearly the most myopic and certainly behaved that "dumbest."
4 points
My favorite character is absolutely Hermione. She is quietly brave, unabashedly geeky, and pals around with two boys instead of dealing with the prissy girls in Gryffindor. I saw so much of her in myself that I wrote one of my short essays for my Stanford application about our similarities (the questions was which literary character do you most identify with). Unfortunately, this was pre-Harry Potter mania and I gather my rejection from that fine institution may have been in part to comparing myself to a character in what was then perceived as merely a "children's book."
3 points
Further proof: I just put out a box of tagalongs in my office kitchen less than an hour ago and they are completely gone.
2 points
I love tagalongs. I usually buy more Thin Mints than any other kind of cookie because those tend to be the favorite if I bring them to my office. However, the peanut butter and chocolate is a much more decadent combination than mint and chocolate. Still, my toss-up would be between Tagalongs and Samoas for the best. The only problem with Samoas is that the caramel and coconut get stuck in your teeth.
2 points
Wow. Bipolar crap? One of my best friends is bipolar and she's a fully functional member of society. Mental illness is an inherited disorder, not a choice. Please choose your words more carefully.
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Name: Alicia 
Gender: Female
Age: 36
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States

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