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RSS Alverjcc

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1 point

Green Bay Packers will probably win, they had defeated the Eagles, Falcons and Bears in the Playoffs, which were some of the best NFL teams this season, and the Steelers didn't play well in the second half of the match against the Jets.

1 point

I agree with you, the title should have been called "Do some UFO's really contain aliens form outer space", or something similar to that.

1 point

Of course not, what is so bad about Christians. They are not terrorist that try to bomb places all over the world, they are the opposite, helpful, caring and cheerful kind of people. Well, if you see Christians do bad deeds, other people from other religions also do so, we have the nature to sin, none of us are perfect, except God.

1 point

His awesome music is too great to be overshadowed by his antics. His album Thriller is also said to be the greatest of all time.

1 point

Why did you compare both NASCAR and Formula 1 as similar boring sports. Formula 1 is not a sport which makes left turn continuously, is a whole lot of complex driving, and I don't understand why are both sports boring. Both sports are really entertaining till the end of the race.

2 points

Since I haven't watch Inception, one movie I reckon is pretty good is Toy Story 3.

1 point

No he won't. The queen or king of England and the government would not even place him in power of the English forces. Winston Churchill would have remained prime minister.

1 point

It might be a country with lots of racist people, but it is definitely not the most racist country in the world. There are other racist country that are more racist than Australia.

1 point

PSP has better graphics and it has more sports and action games. It also has internet access, camera, video, music, more complex setting changes and lots more.

1 point

K.F.C. have better burgers like Zinger and it has the new drink called Krushers which is more enjoyable. I enjoyed the french fries more at K.F.C.

Winning Position: Manchester United

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Biographical Information
Name: Christopher 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: Australia
Religion: Protestant

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