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RSS Amberwriter

Reward Points:125
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10 most recent arguments.

People like to see science fiction and fantasy movies rather than facing the Reality .

How much money do film makers and novel writers make each year !? Because people like to pay some money to get themselves away from the reality. Emotional enjoyment !

That's why religion is embraced by population......year after year !

How can God,a powerful being,be able to just exists out of nothing ???

While random order ,big bang,and evolution are more probable to believe.

Who create God ???

Christian often like to presuppose God's power ,supernatural and mystery must existed before they ever give any rational answer.

Theist likes to presuppose the unlimited power of God(out of time and space),before they even begin to use logic to give an reasonable arguments.

They presuppose sins before they try to convince you that suffering just part of God's plan or by our own fault.

When you go to operation room ,you are under no conscience !

When you die, you no longer have self conscience ...!

Therefore, where is your soul ?

Based on Neurochemistry and NeuroPhysiology ....

We do not have a soul that can survive after death !

Evolution has been proved by scientists.

Who called me immature ? If I am the immature person who rises the question,so do you an immature person who tries to prove me wrong !!!

Christian are arrogant persons !

Trying to give unreasonable arguments ...

0 points

Cop-out !

Religion is social Parasites !

Only Science can give us great benefit ! Like medicine,computer,airplane travel....etc.

Religion can be an Anesthetic that gives you empty hope!

God is responsible when innocent person is killed by psychopath.....!

Because whole universe is governed by him ! And only he can stop this from happening....!

But, He just choose to condone evil every times !

He is not worthy to be praised and worship!

The faithful religious innocent who died in agony has more morale level than GOD !

Because that person tried to forgive God's incompetence !

I'm not an atheist !

I am an agnostic !

Nihilist maybe !

Prove it !

Show !

Don't just telling...

It is cop-out !

Natural catastrophe and disasters are not produced by human !

Born of defect children are never expected by parents ...

You said GOD has no controlling our problems !

He is innocent ?

Then, He is incompetence !

Think about these facts :

The world is under very unfair and injustice situation...

Some people born in rich family and enjoy from plenty of resources ,some don't....

Many people couldn't afford college education,let alone P.hd education!

Unbalanced social level and status !

Many people couldn't find any job to sustain his or her living...

All of the above,showing good God does not exist !

Because a good God hates injustice and unfair, according to Christian world view and theology...

If God exists,He must have abandoned us !

He betrayed all of us !

Otherwise, we are all alone in the dark corner of the universe.

Only Natural exists.

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About Me

Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Green Party
Country: United States
Religion: Catholic
Education: In College

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