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RSS Ambrosiodina

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1 point

no. I feel the same way about nudism the same way I feel about public displays of affection. Everyone should have, at least, their private parts covered, but also to dress appropriately for public decency. And as for public displays of affection, giving your beloved a quick hug and/or peck on the cheek, okay. Anything else, no way.

1 point

yes, Obama should be re -elected. He has really tried to get the economy back on it's feet and really seems to care about the middle class, bringing jobs back to America, and ending the war.

Obama gave a speech this past summer on the war and he mentioned that the war has been costing our country about $10 billion per year and I was floored by that because I think that the money can be used towards better things such as helping students pay off loans, providing jobs for Americans, putting food in people's mouths, helping people get their homes back, etc.

I also can't believe that although so many people voted Obama into office, that so many people such as in the house of representatives and/or senate have vetoed his economic proposals which were clearly created to help "the little guys" like me -poor college educated people. That just don't make sense to me, it looks like they're trying to prove a negative point such as a black guy couldn't cut it as president. While I'm not totally racist there are some people in the house of representatives, senate, and/or running for election. And not everyone who is racist is a member of the KKK, nazi, or skinhead - some of them may smile at your face and speak nice to your face but kick you in the teeth personally or professionally behind your back. And these people running for president, all I hear is "blah, blah, blah" but no one cares about the "real issues" facing American such as: health care for low income people, jobs coming back to America, creating jobs for teachers, bringing discipline back in the classrooms, etc.

1 point

no. come on, animals are God's creatures just like we are and are deserving of proper care, feeding, etc.

1 point

yes, schools should ban the using of cellphones during class. I think that cellphones are used far too much. I think that the cellphone should be used in emergency purposes such as being stranded on the side of the road, need a ride home and the school is closing. I hate it when I'm in any public place and someone's text and/or cell phone goes off. First of all, when those text things and/or cell phones goes off, everyone hears it and some of those ring tones are so obnoxious. I have an acquaintance that when I call her phone, it doesn't ring but it plays a whole verse of a song and then asks you to leave a message. By the time, I've heard the whole verse of the song, I forget what I wanted to say - LOL. Also, people hear that person's whole conversation during the conversation and what people talk about on their cell phone is everthing from who they're dating, addresses, phone numbers, etc. And that's really obnoxious and other people may take that information and do God knows what with it. Plus, I don't want to hear all about a person's personal or business affairs. I've got more than enough of my own problems.

If I were a teacher in the classroom, I would ban cellphone use in my class because I believe that they are disruptive, can be used for cheating and not necessary in general.

If I were the manager at a company and the employees were in a meeting and the cellphone and/or text went off, especially after I had enforced no cell phones in meetings, I'd confiscate the phone and reprimand the person for their rudeness during the meeting.

4 points

all children should not receive a trophy or medal in sporting event just like all students should not get "A's" for simply showing up for class and/or behaving right in class. This gives them a sense of entitlement and that they can behave and/or simply show up and earn reward. That's not how life works. And, by doing this, it makes it very hard for the teacher, coach, etc. to maintain discipline and/or keep students engaged. With this no child left behind law, it seems that students are allowed to pass through the grades because teachers are very concerned with keeping their jobs, administrators want to keep their charters, and no one wants to hurt the parents and/or students feelings. I remember taking an action research class, and a couple of the students did their action research projects on students who have made it up to the 11th grade but aren't reading at grade level and I was amazed that the students were allowed to advance this high without anyone working on reading with them. And when students say that a subject is boring, we're supposed to make it interesting for them. I was in special education from grades K -12 and my parents told me that if I wanted to get out of special education and increase my chances of success in life, I'd better get off my duff and work hard on my studies and act right, even though others didn't and my behavior may not always be rewarded. If I would have told my parents that I thought a subject was boring and that I didn't want to do it, they would have said, "Well, if you don't do it, you won't advance. We'll help provide the tutoring and coaching, but you have to do the work - there was no choice on that." They - both my parents and the teachers would have been a lot tougher on me to learn it. The message was that I'd better have the self motivation to do it, regardless if I get attention for it or are rewarded for it. And as for paying for good grades, my parents always rewarded me when they chose to but they told me that they would reward as they saw fit, not for me to think that I was entitled to being paid for grades and/or chores.

I've recently completed my master of arts in Education, Curriculum and Instruction and I'm job searching and no one is giving me the job. When I submit my resume, interview, etc., the interviewer thanks me for coming in for the interview, wishes me well, and/or lets me know that they will call me if I'm the one that they want. No one rewards you for higher education and no one guarantees you the job after graduation, no matter how good your resume is, how nice you are, how educated you are, who you know, etc.

These kids coming out of schools today are much too fresh and will have a very rude awakening when they get out of school and into the working world

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