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RSS Amiee

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5 points

when your a child you dont have many responsibilites except taking yourself to the bathroom, feeding yourself and maybe if your parents are too busy cleaning your room. Apart from these tiny responsibilities children get it easy, get to play all day don't need to worry about deadlines for work or essays for uni, and if their parents have no dicipline they get everything they want. Seriously what could be better than being a child?

1 point

The legal age of consent in victoria, australia is 16.

I'm 16 out of the 22 people in my class 15 have had sex. It doesn't matter what you say or even if it's illegal we'll still do it because were impulsive .

1 point

i know this is old as but when you really think about it and how Christians believe he died for our sins and all, is he really being harsh by letting us go thru a crap stage? Because theres always a good outcome weather it be you don't have to put up with a dickhead anymore or you understand things from a different point of view

1 point

ohk so karma's not real. it's just people doing stupid things for fun :P hahaha

nah jokes can u xplain it it more than bkoz i always understood it as an eye for an eye and you just said it's not :S

1 point

well then you need to get around more instead of just having a go about it.

mayb comment on more debates rather than making really immature debates like this.

not having a go at you just making a valid point

2 points

ahhh thats really offensive surprised they even let you post this up.

i got on this website bkoz i needed to get help with english h/w not bkoz im 'physically unattractive' or dumb.

You don't need looks to be smart and 'debating' something your passionate about isn't that hard anyway

1 point

it's fine to dislike someone as long as you don't broadcast it, because then it'll cause problems.

but then again if someone said i am i right to dislike indians alot of people would have taken very badly to it.

You cannot dislike a race as a whole, how is it possible to dislike such a number of people without even knowing them? To dislike based on color or culture is racist.

2 points

when people use ridiculously massive words during a casual debate then its obvious their not to up to a fight about it because they don't know enough about it. So using 'big' words is a fall back so that they fluster their opponent and get an unfair win. also called being a jerk/sore loser

1 point

Karma is just a term for what 'usually' naturally takes place.

action mayb be punching someone reaction would be them punching you back. Plus when you do something questionably bad like smash someone's car window for fun and running off, you don't always get caught. You feel guilty but gladly this so called 'Karma" doesn't bite you on the arse

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Biographical Information
Name: amy 
Gender: Girl
Age: 28
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: Australia
Religion: Other
Education: High School

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