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1 point

Mainly when it's not conducive to the debate such as trolling or one word answers.

1 point

I'm not sure the founding fathers would have supported screaming angry protests right outside the doors to a funeral. The founding fathers also had a moral compass and a sense of what was proper, and assumed that others had also. And the proof of this is that the constitution specifically says the right to "peaceable assemble". Shouting hateful things at a family grieving the loss of their 9 year old daughter is not viewed as "peaceable" by most.

2 points

Total land area of Earth: 148,939,100 kmĀ² (36,803,653,121 acres) Total population of Earth: 6,553,289,000 Average population density of Earth: 44.0 persons per square kilometer (5.62 acres per person)

There is no such thing as over population. People need to simply be less spoiled and dedicate more land towards farming and agriculture and less to shopping malls and roadways.

Supporting Evidence: Acres and population (
1 point

A 17 year old isn't a young child. He is is able to think and comprehend in most cases. There is no "magic age" and the day he turns 18 he automatically knows about things like murder and death, and that is the distinction we now use.

2 points

As some have already said: It depends on whether or not they can comprehend as an adult. The age that young people become mature and truly aware of the world around them varies so you can't make a blanket statement that an 18 year old should be tried as an adult but a 13 year old can't or shouldn't. BUT just because a 10 year old doesn't completely comprehend that he just took someone's life, and the seriousness of that action, doesn't mean he shouldn't be tried to the fullness of the law, or that he should do "easy time". There still should be some justice for the victims in the trajedy.

2 points

Different and extraordinary are two different concepts. Yes, every child is different, has his own likes/dislikes, and his own temperment. Extraordinary? No, as much as every parent would like to believe not all of them are extraordinary.

2 points

Love that idea!

Cell phones are a distraction to yourself and others and unnecessary at school. And we all know that the majority of kids who use cell phones at school aren't managing their calendars, they're texting when they should be paying attention to what they are doing.

0 points

"Social programs" are the premise of Socialism. Hence the name.

Failure is needed for progress, otherwise people stop working toward a better life and will put forth the minimum amount of effort to get the maximum benefits. (Like they are doing now) Why are we so afraid of failure? It gives motivation.

2 points

Not really sure about your two side options so I'll put mine over here ;)

No it won't change anything, but I think that anyone should be able to talk about their loved ones back home without fear.

2 points

You've picked an excellent place to do your terrible trolling. A place that's meant for debate and argument so people are going to reply to you no matter what, so I suppose in that sense, yes. BUT

Otherwise you only know one word, and all the rest of us are sick of hearing it.

About Me

"I don't really affiliate with one political party. My beliefs are mostly conservative, with some others thrown in there. I wish the government would get out of my life. I love my family--my husband and son--more than life. I know that my Savior, Jesus Christ, lived a perfect sinless life, died, then raised himself from the dead three days later so that I might be forgiven of my sins and live forever with him someday in heaven, where there will be no more sorrow. (ie I'll be able to eat all the chocolate souflee I want and not get fat ;-)"

Biographical Information
Name: Anastasia 
Gender: Lady
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other
Education: Some College

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