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I believe the concept of separate countries in itself is in a way inherently immoral, so no.

I'm not American either, doesn't mean I'm incapable of empathy and therefore don't care what happens to American citizens.

2 points

Nice attempt at a joke using references to current events. Like it makes a difference who America's president is, they're all the same party, the election is just to choose which colour you prefer.

What does that even mean?

It's a joke, Axey.

2 points

I reckon Obama will probably get this one, because he has a better public image. It doesn't really matter, they are essentially the same party. And both are murdering thieving anti-freedom bastards.

I love Guinness and Bud, but the day I support Romney is the day I tattoo dicks on my eyes.

"Fascism is just extreme authoritarianism"

Authoritarianism is already an extreme, fascism is just what we call right wing authoritarianism. Left wing authoritarianism is usually called Stalinism if it's communist.

"Now I know in recent times "

Not really, we've had the same definition of fascism since the rise of fascism in the early 20th century.

The problem with using the word fascist is that fascism is a political belief system in itself, embodying extreme nationalism and requiring a dictator. Extreme authoritarianism isn't necessarily nationalistic or dictatorial, sometimes it focuses on an ideal rather than a national identity, like Stalin's Russia.

Socialism is not midway between communism and capitalism. Socialism is between communism and centrism. Centrism is between communism and free market capitalism.

None of them can develop superpowers without a source of radioactivity.

Not really, socialism is left of centrism. And yes, Hitler and Stalin were both extreme authoritarians, but the term fascist is used to describe authoritarian views that are centre right in nature, hence why we call Hitler "far right" when really, economically, he was a bit of a leftie. I'm not saying Stalin wasn't a totalitarian authoritarian prick, I'm just saying you should use those words instead of fascist.

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Winning Position: I agree
Winning Position: Statism
Winning Position: I'm a libertarian (or similar)
Tied Positions: I love capitalism and fascism vs. Yeah, smash the state
Winning Position: A big hairy dangly one at that
Winning Position: Seems legit.
Winning Position: I'm sexually repressed
Winning Position: This column has no purpose

About Me

"I love to debate theists, creationists, deists and proponents of new age nonsense. Oh, and righties."

Biographical Information
Name: Jon Seeker
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United Kingdom
Religion: Atheist

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