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RSS Anarch

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This one time, I had a mama snake and a baby snake. And when the mama snake died...the baby snake cried! A LOT! And it didn't get on instagram and embrace it's newfound fame, under the darkest of circumstances, with shining glee either. It mourned. It didn't pay it's ISP and lost service to pay for the funeral. And it didn't care. It didn't even notice it.

1 point

You, sir, are no Eric Cartman. He would make a far better argument.

You don't even understand the topic, the allegation that she was "kidnapped" has been called into question. You're not tall enough for this ride.

A. She will. She will tell us everything. Already is. Every odd thing she does while she should be mourning, recorded right before our very eyes for all to see. This is like those people that video jumping people, post it, and get caught...just a longer, more epic version of it.

B. Only a jury can make her guilty. And the sister of the accused will try, she's not backing down.

C. That hints at an ongoing investigation! Prepare to watch your angel fall.

1 point

When Hitler's mother died...he was inconsolable for days and sank into a deep depression.

Just sayin'...most infamous and notorious dictator in history, of a technologically advanced nation under a brutal regime and demonized to the point of parody...mourned his mother harder than this bitch did.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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