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RSS Angelito002

Reward Points:95
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

The Beatles, why? many new or old artists would say that the Beatles influenced them.

1 point

Es bueno para tu cuerpo, por tu huesos, tu pelo, tus dientes.

1 point

I don't have any ( yet ), tattoos are a way of self expression.

2 points

The stairs because, if there's a emergency in the building the elevator stops and you are screwed. Now the stairs won't stop, it has no annoying buttons, as well as you get a good workout.

1 point

Star Wars is just awesome nobody can beat it. Sure tha animation from Lord of the Rings is high tech, Star Wars is a classic.

1 point

I have alote, but I love "Sirena" by Donna Jo Napoli.

It is a romance but it is a good one.

2 points

I love my name because its unique, when I meat new people and I say my name they are like"what? I'm not able to say that"so some people call me kat. My name is Neftali.

In the contrary people said I have a pretty name :)

1 point

You do have a point I never thought of it that way.tHANK yOU

2 points

Usualy pedophiles do things theu do, because of there background, or the way they grew up.

They probably experienced tramatic things that messed up there minds as young children.

2 points

People look down upon them because they are different looking, or they act differently than most people do. People see them as litle freaks or weirdos

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Winning Position: Gretest time of your life
Winning Position: Greatest Scary movie of all time
Winning Position: If you were to die, how and where would you die?
Winning Position: Gabriel Iglesias

About Me

"I love to sing, and listen to music. As well as making new friends. I like to give my opinion to peoples debates....even though I get proved wrong alote."

Biographical Information
Gender: Girl
Age: 26
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Education: High School

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