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RSS Angelsofhell

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And moreover their children will be getting education and other medical facilities too. And i guess legalization will protect the rights of minor. Also by check ups the danger of spreading STDs can be reduced.

3 points

social Media spread awareness and information if used properly. People get connected with the 'society' more frequently and also gain the knowledge of current affairs. It never make you feel alone. we can get the information of that person who is living miles away from us just by clicking a button. It help us to grow better social understanding with other person and make a person more confident while socializing in real. We not only stay connected with new people but also with the old friends. we can share pictures which is a difficult task in real. we did not stop talking with people or seeing people in the outside world. People who don't go out and blame the social media are unsocial anyway. so why blaming technology?

is it true that private universities are only serving to them those who pay....?

yes, you THINK that public places SHOULD have smoking and non-smoking zones. but the fact is, they DON'T have it yet.

just one person blowing 50 cigarettes to another person's face is not going to happen. but there are many people who smoke around us the whole day so the effects of passive smoking isn't really as exaggerated as you think. and only restaurants and pubs have no smoking zones. what about other places?

i see no reason why they shouldn't be banned. people who smoke not only harm themselves but people around them as well. passive smoking is more harmful than active smoking. what did passive smokers do to deserve this?? and tobacco is an addictive substance so definitely addictive substances should be banned; once you get used to it, it's hard to kick the habit.

angelsofhell(45) Clarified
1 point

if love is important, then why are women harassed for dowry?? we see many cases where wives are murdered for money. no matter how much we try to see the world through the rose tinted glasses of love, we can't escape the harsh reality that money's importance is getting significant.

dear rhonamae, are there less crimes now with love?

i don't think love is going to fill ones empty stomach. one can't deny many love marriages being broken for the sole issue of money.

4 points

India does not have the potential to lead the world because

with a considerable chunk of the population living in sheer poverty India does not seem to be the one to lead the world.

How can one call Hitler to be a great leader when he was behind millions of lives lost during his so called pure Nazi rule?


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Winning Position: love
Winning Position: What's the harm being yourslf?

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"it's a joint profile managed by me (Rashmi) and my friend (Himali).we like debating :)"

Biographical Information
Gender: Girl
Age: 27
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: India
Religion: Hindu
Education: In College

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