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RSS Angie

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4 points

they should make it so you have to put a reason for down-voting so then you know why the person is not liking what you put down

1 point

1.It will make people think of putting things down

2.It will make it so we know what people have to say about the arguements instead of just i agree (or disagree)

...and three we can now know what people do when they run out of things to say (such as use lots of periods or random words or even random thoughts)

2 points

hey i just did this for the fun of it its not like i really wanted to be paid i just wanted to see what others thought about it, i am plenty old enough to do what ever i want to thank you very much

1 point

its does get annoying when i am searching for something and it is blocked for a wierd reason...things get blocked for comedy, games, or even the reason says misc...

Im not saying that they should not filter it but they should be reasonable about what they are filtering and not filter everything.

1 point

it is someones choice on how they live their life and we should not be the ones to determine on how they should live it. If someone wants to do something that would be disapproved by many, well thats their decision.

1 point

oops i knew that

1 point

i had a was a disaster though because no one wanted to do anything and most of the people were jerks

1 point

Chuck's enemies are all one the extient species list

1 point

because of the technology that we have and will obtain. we will be the last species on earth even if it means that we would have to go into extreme measures to survive

1 point

One million dollars can go fast if you just spend it on everything so i agree just use it to make life easier

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About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Angela 
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Religion: Mormon
Education: High School

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