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1 point

I'm a Vietnamese and i have to say this: We all are Vietnamese, no more, no less and no border among us. There are no differences between us and we live together in a country for many, many years, nothing can separate us even war. We are definitely different from the South and North Korea. They used to have the same origin, live together and have the same culture, but now, they shoot each other for a stupid reason. I don't know why they have to do so.

1 point

Just show yourselves, why not?

Don't let the way how others look at you change your mind. Be yourselves and do what ever you want. It's your style and you should make others respect it instead of laughing at it. I just want to say never change what belong to you

3 points

It's not hard to answer this question. Obviously, money can make us happy as long as we use it at proper purposes. With money, we can surely have a comfortable life and we can offer others comfortable lives as well. Using money to do donation or volunteering or you can use money to guarantee your kids to have the best education and living conditions- these make you happy, right?. on the other hand, let image that you have not much money and you have to always squeeze brain as well as energy to find money, how you can have a happy life.

1 point

Statistics about how a American consumes in comparison with others are amazing. Those statistic show that

overpopulation + modern technology = depletion of resources.

That's just what i think.

In term of what should be done about population booming and sources consuming, i think we can do nothing. Just compare Vietnam and the US. Vietnam has quite high birth rate and high resource depletion rate is understandable. How about the US, of course, it can't has high birth rate as Vietnam right ? but it has very high rate of natural resource depletion as well. Therefore, as long as human can't control what they do with natural resources, everything can potentially lead to worldwide crisis not only overpopulation. Considering all factors we will recognize that overpopulation isn't harmful and destructive as it seems to be.

3 points

I absolutely agree that science does much more good than harm to our world, but science has triggered the world's problem anyway. You can't deny that people use science as their equipments to reach their goal no matter how it is dangerous to environment or even to our lives. It is obvious that humans sometimes apply science to their wars, to kill their race. Science comes from human and so it sever all humans' purposes. These purposes may good or disastrous and those themselves make the meanings of science including causing problems

2 points

I see your point but you must remember that we can't get solar power or wind power all the time, even we can how many percent that these kinds of energy are able to meet our demands. Technology has been developed a lot and nuclear-power-related secures are highly focused. Thus, i believe that in the near future (may be next 2or 3 years ^^) we do not have to concern much about nuclear power safety. Additionally, nuclear power plans may now cost us a little more than other kinds of energy but advantages of them are immerse in long time.

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