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RSS Aniketh77

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the result is important but the path we choose should be good. choosing the wrong path will destroy the happiness we get after achieving something.

8 points

i don't know if we should be proud or be ashamed that India is such a country in which :

- pizzas arrive earlier than ambulance or fire brigade...

- the shoes we wear in our feet are sold in A/C showrooms but the vegetables that fill our bellies are sold on the roadsides

- the interest for a farmer who wants to buy a tractor is 14% BUT IT IS 0% for a corporate officer buying a Mercedes!!!!

- you buy a Sim card it wont cost you anything but you buy a kilo of rice, it costs you about 30 bucks..

- a soldier dies in a battle and is family is given a petty amount as compensation but the Indian cricket team loses a T20 contest but is still payed Rs 3,00,00,000..can u believe it????

after considering some major setbacks like ever increasing population, illiteracy,unemployment,poverty,castism,blah & blah & blah blah blah ; one can say that India becoming the world leader is still a far dream ........

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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