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2 points

I LOVED all of them, but i think that the fourth one, last one, and Freddy vs Jason were my favorites, my least favorite was definitely the second one.

1 point

The first one was the best. The characters were more funny and eccentric. I liked through the looking glass, but i couldn't enjoy it as much because it talked allot about chess, which is a game that i know nothing about. The second did talk allot about poetry and vocabulary, but the first talked allot about a variety of subjects, including language and riddles.

1 point

For myself invisibility and immunity to injury, to lessing my anxiety. My sister would choose morphing and time powers, i think thats cool too. Another power i would want is just a photographic memory, so that when I'm looking for a new way to draw something, I'll be able to see something cool and remember how to draw it later.

1 point

I think that someone should make

1. a Nightmare on Elm street Video with the song Jacks Lament by the all American rejects or a this is Halloween ( Marilyn Manson) video for all horror movie killers (Freddy, Jason, Michael, etc). 2. A what Ive done video by Linkin park and a One x video by three days grace to represent all of them as well.

0 points

You dumb ass, he is the same as Jason. He is just a mute human with Borderline personality disorder. He uses a knife, so unoriginal and not scary. Jason is much more impressive, but Freddy is still the king of all horror movies, live with it.

1 point

I love Freddy, he is so much better. He is funny and complex, unlike Michael and Jason who are basically walking statues. Jason is slow and stupid, Freddy is nimble and clever.Freddy is much more scary. Not only does he look more terrifying, he is far more dangerous. his victims aren't safe in there dreams or reality. he can endlessly torment you or kill you. I feel empathy for Jason, he was ridiculed for having hydrocephalus, while i was for having a hemangionoma, but he only kills those who enter his territory. Jason is only motivated by rage, but Freddy has the sadistic nature of a real killer. Jason is just a walking zombie, but Freddy possesses supernatural powers and is literally walking nightmare who can twist reality. Jason didn't rally win their battle because he had outside help, without interference, he would have died for sure. Jason is stupid, Freddy easily manipulated him which makes him more powerful. It takes more to kill Freddy. The people that Jason saluter's provoke him by coming to his home, but with Freddy, you just have to live in Spring wood. Last but not least, he actually talks and he, like that dumb doll Chucky, says allot of funny ass stuff.

2 points

Jim Carrey was great in that batman movie were he played The Riddler.

1 point

The cast for all the antagonist in the batman movie sucked. They picked Arnold Schwarzenegger to play Mr. Freeze, they made the lady who played Cat women blond, they made Rhas al Ghul Asian, they didn't make The Scarecrow thin, and now they hire Heath Ledger to play the joker. He looks nothing like him, i mean what the hell!

0 points

How i see teenagers has nothing to do with the media. I think their stupid because of how most students in my school act. P.S, you can choose any previous age as well.

1 point

P.s, who cares about the guy from brokeback mountain!

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Winning Position: Jason Voorhees
Winning Position: Christmas
Winning Position: Your Birthday
Winning Position: No, adults can red them too
Winning Position: Mountain Dew
Winning Position: No, some can be smart

About Me

"I am in the seventh grade and i am now thirteen . I live in Washington."

Biographical Information
Name: Jessie Wiedeman
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Agnostic

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