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RSS Anis

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1 point

No because if a child is in trouble outside of school how would a parent know if he/sh is okay. it is wrong for the school to stop this because by not allowing the children to bring a phone it tempts them to hide it and bring. so instead of teachers complaining to children how they bring there phones is really no escuse. the whole fault is practically the school.

1 point

In this world apparently love can be brought by money. This world just evolves around MONEY. For money is everything in the world!! As a adult and trust me you will find the truth. The answer is MONEY, MONEY !!!!!

1 point

Yes because just like others they are human beings we cannot just judge them on who they love. We have no right stop two people who are gay from loving each other. Just because they are gay does this mean they are not allowed to adopt a child. Every human being is equal in this world so why should we differentiate the fact that these people are gay and cannot adopt a child!!!!

1 point

I won't say god is a it or a god or female. I believe in a religion where god is just god. And no matter what no one can change my belief

1 point

It is absolutely a disgrace how in this world a young person gets married to a old man even exists. I hope the men who do that to women should suffer something big and get a big punishment like death to the selfs !!!!

1 point

Why I think it is important to be right because being wrong is proving how much you ability is and what kind of person you are. You would rather want to be right then wrong because if your wrong lets just say you lose but if you win you achieve a lot like honesty and and a person who cares about themselves and their personality

2 points

Not Indian but support Bollywood Hollywood nice too watch soo much films

1 point

On the other hand abortion is also right because if a women is not willing to have a baby giving birth to that baby may turn into a huge mistake for the parent and may also turn into child abuse so in a way abortion is right to send a innocent baby back to where it belongs...

1 point

School is for learning and for teaching so i don't think so if for instance you want to have a relationship with someone there are other places to meet why just school?

1 point

A life without government, we will definitely die our country will not be civilized and will all be out of hand, there is no law to decide to get rid of all the criminals. Even the most civilized people will become the danger to our country without a government

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Winning Position: YES THEY SHOULD!!!
Winning Position: RONALDO
Winning Position: ummmmmm.......
Winning Position: should they

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