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RSS Annakv

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NAFTA is good for the United States, it has quadrupled trade between America, Mexico and Canada. It has mostly lowered prices for American consumers (groceries and oil). NAFTA has also increased the amount of jobs in the US, it created almost 800,000 job in manufacturing in just the first 4 years. Canada and Mexico have invested billions of dollars in America since NAFTA was created.

2 points

The Articles of Confederation are tearing our nation apart. The states have too much power which is resulting in America acting 13 separate unions. Adopting the constitution would stop the individual state rebellion. America needs a strong central government to keep our debts and currency under control.

1 point

I chose option 4. America and North Korea have gone back and forth for years. Compromises only lead to on of us failing in the others eyes creating a bigger issue. Withdrawling our troops would solve that issue while also not messing with China's allied relationship with North Korea.

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