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I personally like debate Island. No matter what site you go to, there is always going to be that user that people don't like.

Many people think of hell as a punishment for the evil. I, on the other hand, think of heaven as a gift that nobody can earn, and hell is just the natural state of mankind. If you think about it that way...

From the Christian religion...

If you think of hell as a punishment, then you need to change your paradigm.

"The wages of sin is death."

Basically, this means that the consequence of sin is hell, not the punishment.

If you put enough pressure on a ruler, it breaks. If you stay underwater too long, you will drown.

Fortunately, this is where Jesus Christ comes in to save us from our sins so we can go to heaven by grace.

Wrong Perspective: Hell is a punishment where bad people go to.

Right Perspective: Heaven is a blessing that nobody is worthy for.

People should be allowed to protest whatever they want because of the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

Even if you don't like a President, you need a severe charge against a President in order to impeach him/her. That was in order to make sure that people of one party don't abuse their power of impeachment.

Yes, that's how DNA works. It shows who your ancestors are and, via migration patterns, determines your ethnicity.

Indeed. It is wrong to go against any religion (or a lack of one). These two options are very loaded, as they are both the same.

The difference between atheists/agnostics and religious people is the source of their moral compass. Atheists/agnostics likely get it from the laws and their consciences. Christians get it from the Bible. They are all effective moral compasses.

However, being a Christian myself, I would have to say that Christians have a stronger moral compass because the Bible is the best moral compass. Atheists/agnostics can have a moral compass, but it would need to be based off of something other than the Bible. It's like the difference between an interview with a soldier from a war and a documentary about that war.

Agreed. These are not mutually exclusive.

It's kind of like a robot that can learn. It was created by a human, but it became more advanced over time.

On the contrary, you did some calculations wrong. I think you forgot to multiply by 100 to get the percentage. But anyway...

There is some statistical chance, but it is low. However, it is comparable to the chance of getting killed by a shark, and is significantly higher than getting killed by a falling meteor.

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