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10 most recent arguments.
0 points

if nice guys mean someone who is nice No Matter What, i am wrong.

ps. u said fuck off and said youll give me your location. contra what?

1 point

i think im too hardcore nature lover. im sorry if u feel offended.

3 points

cool, i totally understand of course people have different priorities. i dunno why you called me a cunt of idiot. there distracting to any debate so please leave em out.

Are you just telling me you have don't have enough time or strength to fight for what you think is right? a true man (or female) will fight every battle if they strongly support it, otherwise your a coward (or PUSSY - in you level of english).

so just admit you are a pussy, coward, or just don't care enough for animals because that's the truth.

small fuses for small brains.

1 point

im not filled with hate too much. I have alot of friends a couple very best friends that i could trust my life too. I am fairly happy. I just feel as if the world would be better without us, and knowing that i need to d something.

the main point it is annoying having to think this every day and if mental institution can set me to what "society" thinks is straight.

thnx for the reply though.

1 point

troll alert! u seem like you need more help then me you should get some. Ive read some of your posts and they are all the along the "go fuck yourself" replies. go get happy.

0 points

A day does not go by without me thinking about a well planned massacure, on the train going to the city, walking around, sitting in public places.

i cant wait to do it one day.

4 points

only supposed Animal lovers will eat meat, simple.

If you Really care and love animals you would take a stand against terrible situations the capitalist meat industry commits for profit.

you might not be a hypocrite but definitely a Coward.

2 points

cmon white people suck. admit it. Im white. We slave and exploit the world so we can keep our weight 50 pounds above healthy.

1 point

Im a nice guy, am I a pussy? lmao hell no. I cut your throat open get an erection as you bleed, but im still a polite person.

2 points

yup, i bake it into food or vaporize it since smoking is not healthy.

i'm chillin smoking chronic while you're choking on stress.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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