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RSS Arataii

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

They look awesome. I'm not goth but I think the look is pretty sweet.

1 point

Actually usually guys spend their "adolescence and early adult life" breaking girls hearts. Breakups generally hurt girls more than they hurt guys. Some guys can be very callous.

2 points

Milk gets processed and pasteurized, causing most all the calcium and nutrients to become practically nonexistent. "Drinking milk makes your bones strong because of all the calcium it contains" is a myth. So milk doesn't really have anything good for you in it and it contains other stuff like hormones that isn't good for you and can affect your growth.

1 point

Whenever I randomly felt like subjecting my poor pets to different forms of attention torture, I always said "she/he likes it" to my parents too. They never believed me though, I can't understand why my parents don't think my cat likes jumping on the trampoline with me...

1 point

Nope, I haven't seen American Psycho... poor deprived me ;) can you still explain the connection w/out me having seen American Psycho?

1 point

I'm not goth or girly, I come somewhere in the middle. I'm a "sorta kinda reformed suicide girl" aka a tough girl. I know a lot of girly girls that drive me up the wall cuz they act so frikin braindead... they cannot stop giggling or applying multiple layers of makeup, like that's the only thing that matters to them.

1 point

Poor James...............................................................

2 points

Something funny? My whole childhood experience was funny... I remember when I was 5 my dad tried to teach me how to shoot a BB gun and I shot him in the thumb and he had to get it surgically removed... I remember snowboarding in some cornfields attached by a toe line to my cousins truck, I did a few faceplants when attempting to go over jumps. I remember owning guys twice my size while playing tackle football, I actually clotheslined one of them so hard that he was sore for a couple weeks. I guess I've had a pretty violent childhood :)

1 point

Out of 6 billion people populating the earth, only 1100 of them are billionaires? I actually feel sorry for billionaires, I would rather be poor... haha wait I am :)

1 point

I'm 5'0 and done growing... and yes I've heard all the short jokes. Over and over again. I have bluish/greenish/grayish eyes and dark brown hair (although some people call it black).

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Winning Position: Live rich in a mansion
Winning Position: Subway!!
Winning Position: Rap
Winning Position: No
Winning Position: No it shouldn't.

About Me

"Lekka shoc den amorka oscilis. Life has its own logic, death has none."

Biographical Information
Name: Arataii Kopani
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other
Education: High School

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