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RSS Arden

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arden(15) Clarified
2 points

Pfft. I'll be saying no for now, thanks.

(Why is the minimum length so short, I can't leave a quick retort and be done with it?!)

2 points

Indeed. It's more important to be committed and loyal to where you live currently than to worry about where you may have come from. Immigrants move to the US for a reason. Whether it be escaping from a war-stricken/devastated country or just wanting to follow your dreams in a richer country, than they should be supported and not seen as "less patriotic".

2 points

but tragedies have to happen, otherwise, we don't learn from our mistakes.


2 points

I am only arden. Yes, the "a" is lowercase on purpose, thank you very much.

1 point

Indeed, and I thank you for pointing that out. Those who died in honor and helping to defend their friends, peers, and loved ones are the foundation of the movement, as you stated. It's important to recognize that teens that died, no less, where the ones who encouraged the survivors to gather the courage to speak.

I hope the movement will continue. Thanks for voicing your opinion.

1 point

It was true that some of the people thought it silly to simply stand out to honor the families. It irritated me as well that most didn't take it seriously if they chose to participate.

1 point

I have never seen anything make more sense than that paragraph right there. Well said.

1 point

Indeed, I would. He was an awful man with greedy intentions. Besides, America had already been discovered. It would have had a better outcome if someone with a better heart and a true desire to explore instead of pillage for their own wealth went to the Americas. It was obvious that The New World was a beautiful land just waiting to be inhabited, but not by those who wished to merely uproot it of its resources.

1 point

Hitler's birth and life was significant to history. His intentions were horrible and terrifying, but that's not the point. Because of the time he spent on this earth he changed it for both the better and worse.

And by better, as I mentioned in my previous argument, I meant that his power forced the allied forces to build up their strength and produce better weapons. They also were able to break down the Nazis, obviously, and win the war. The US among France, Britain, and the other members of the Allies proved to the world that dictatorship can get out of hand and that we mustn't ever let such a horrific mass murder ever occur again.

As for worse, obviously, Hitler killed millions of people. He brought terror into the lives of innocent children and adults.

Of course I mourn the people he murdered. I wouldn't spare him so that millions of others could die. That, I wasn't meaning to imply. Yet, if he had not been born and committed the crimes he did, it's possible that even more children would still being abused today in the same evil ways he enforced, and it would be legal, most likely.

Because of this event, though, we have something to look back to and label as wrong. Perhaps if it had not occurred we would still be allowing it to happen, as stated before.

Oh, and--the jet would be probably invented at some point. That was a poor choice of words on my part. Yet society would most likely be set back a bit to date if the events hadn't occurred in such an order.

0 points

Honestly, no. I wouldn't have the heart to kill a child, even one that would grow to be as murderous as the monster we knew as Adolf Hitler. Also, as many others stated before, if he had died, the jet would have never been invented. Surprisingly enough both the United States and the Allied Forces grew a lot throughout WWII and are better off that way.

Winning Position: What was everyone's opinion on the March 15th walkout, and if you participated, why?

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