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arey(41) Clarified
1 point

Air conditioning..... Ever heard of it? It magically cools your room when it's too hot outside!

1 point

They are good role models to the people who want to write another Disney story. It's a completely useless stuff which is far away from the reality. Happy endings don't always happen in real life.

1 point

Then when will you trust someone, when the the other person tells you "trust me"??

1 point

You didn't get the point.You are taking about a case where B is at fault(he committed sins).I am taking a case where B is not at fault but he is unable to justify that he is right. Consider A and B to be friends.

1 point

Ever watched anime or movies the main character is always a depressed loner kind of guy. Depression draws sympathy. Sympathy after after some time turns into affection which will give rise to love. Therefore you will be attractive for a different category of girls.

1 point

You all know adrenaline right!! It is a hormone that instantly boosts your physical power. It is secreted into your blood. It is activated when you are in a state of tension. Now, I would like to create a fluid like the adrenaline which is compatible with the human body and replace my blood with it permanently. Just imagine my power, speed, stamina etc increase by tenfold. Huhhh... My high school life with all those bullies and late coming would me much much different.

1 point

Virus, guns, natural disasters, homosexuality, Facebook and may be world war 3.... Hell yeah!!!

1 point

Money is definitely the key to happiness

You may be self satisfied with what you have but it is impossible when the society comes into count. Happiness is satisfaction. You can satisfy both yours as well as the society's requirements with money.

1 point

A mixture of both(speaking in context with which conveys the message more efficiently).But without a word picture has no basis. Pictures are something which amplify the power of words but are nothing without the words themselves.

1 point

On what basis are you posing the question? Your boss doesn't need your love but your loyalty and your lover doesn't require your loyalty but your love. Someone who loves you may not appear to be loyal to you because they care for your well being.Similarly someone who is loyal to you need not love you because they care for their well being.

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Winning Position: yes, it does.

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