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RSS Arginett

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1 point

NOt fair, we have lives to live, we don't like being stuck inside with homework!

1 point

I cant read something that long! if it is too long, will people pay attention to it? And i think that homework is necessary, because your brain needs stimulation and exercise!

1 point

Because- as you said- they are taught that they are better then another group of people because they have a different skin color. It's 'sick'.

1 point

You are sush a stupid show-off! You are just saying that to seem smart- which in turn makes you sound like an idiot!!!

1 point

they are not you racist monster!!!!! How could you say that??????? The only way they could be considered animals is because they are mamals- and so are the rest of us!!!!!

1 point

That's exactly right, have a back-up plan! Never rely on just one!Even the best laid plans go awry!

1 point

No! You need to do well! Yes, if your best is amazing and deserves a A!

0 points

It helps us learn! Recent studies show that schools that regularly give/assign homework have students that exel!

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Winning Position: Yes, that would be fine.
Winning Position: No, i don't think it should.

About Me

"I am a-some! I am good at clarinet and have many, many, many large brains!"

Biographical Information
Name: Ab Adae
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other

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