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RSS As2do

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1 point

Saying that god exists because you cannot prove that he doesnt isnt relevant. The point is not to prove the other person wrong but to back up your beliefs with factuall evidence.

1 point

I dont believe in god and i hate holy wars but i think singling out one religion and saying if they are gone the will be better is just un called for. SO no i dont think so.

2 points

I dont see why not, our daughters dont have to become prostitutes. They can still get an education and become a lawyer. Just because prostitution becomes legal it doesnt make everyone want to sell themselves

1 point

God is in my opinion a non existent being. There is absolutely no concrete proof of his existence. And if you are going to reply to this don't use the bible to prove his existence because that is like using a Superman comic to prove Superman is real. Religion is ( and I'm not going to say evil ) but greatest misfortune to happen to humanity. There is nothing that religion has that science cant bring about. How many genocide's and wars have been justified or done in the name of god or whoever they worship.

5 points

There is no proof that god is real. Logical thought says that god is something used to explain events to complex for primative human minds.

3 points

There is absolutely no proof that god exists. I get really anoyed when you ask someone how they know the Bible is correct and they start to read a passage from the book. Doing that is the same as saying Atheists are right beause we think we are. I will not base my life off of blind faith. Go to youtube and search Ray Comfort, thats a guy who needs to get a life. And when Theists say the theory of evolution has many holes I bash my head against the wall. The reason you think it has holes is because you dont fully understand it. I believe that everone should have their own opinion but please dont force it on me.

1 point

Sorry I have fixed my choices Atheist or Theist. Im trying to find out who believes in some sort of god or godess and who is an atheist.

1 point

The bible will never change and im not basing my life on blind faith im basing it on proof. Im not going to live my life just because a book told me to do it. You know believing and listening to some one who doesnt exist is a serious mental condition.

1 point

SOAD is awesome Hypnotize,BYOB.chop suey,soldier side and lonely day are awesome. And thats just to name few.

2 points

People need emotional backup and it doesnt matter if it's with a boy o a girl. And really who's it affecting.

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