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RSS Asdqwe678

Reward Points:93
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I can't prove anything because I'm sitting in front of a screen .

1 point

I suppose not just Americans but anyone who lives in their country , but it's a good thing that we can uphold our own opinion nowadays .

1 point

He's becoming part of the history already , and according to the past it is best to left them along as it is , besides killing them won't resurrect all those victims they've killed .

Say , you want them to answer their crime ? Alright , but to whom they answer to ?

Most people who anticipated world war II were dying out anyway , and it's not their fault that their leaders wants to wage this war (Like , they're soldiers and the only thing they can do is to follow orders) .

2 points

It would be a good topic to earn some points if you can take it easy .

1 point

Only extreme people who do rude things to the others are jerks .

2 points

I'm confused already , what do I do now ? .

1 point

Um... maybe.

Still they went deep into the toilet so I didn't hear a thing ... better not to I suppose unless you like to eat with sex(y?) scenery going on in the next room ...

1 point

Was looking for some arguments about JB and PETA ... then an accident click led me here :l

1 point

Me neither ...

1 point

There was once me and my friends were evading some patrols in the school , and we hid in a public toilet and wait for things to cool down , then we found out there's a couple making out ... then suddenly one of the patrols point his flashlight at us but we were fast enough to dodge it though (damn I literary hit the deck and got dirt all over) .

After the patrols left we just sitting next to the stairs and eat our dinner calmly while the couple continues with their little "adventure" ...

Winning Position: What's the point of Xbox One ?

About Me

"Don't mind me ... I'm just observing people arguing ... in that corner over there ..."

Biographical Information
Name: Paul 
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: Taiwan
Education: High School

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