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RSS Ashishjacob

Reward Points:27
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10 most recent arguments.
0 points

I support the gun ban. Its has taken a long time coming, but atleast it has come. I just hope it is taken seriously by teh authorities and we do not have people taking lives, their own or others just at a whim or fancy.

1 point

Statue of Liberty

7 points

any sport in water would definitely be more challenging as swimming itself is quite demanding on the body. Add to that the actions that one normally does in water polo makes it definitely more demanding. The closest that football cn come to in comparison would be when you are playing football when it is pouring.

4 points

If it is something that you want to give to your dad, it probably is some of your time. Take him out so that you can spent some quality time with your dad. These would be the times when you can actually share how much you appreciate his being there. So make the best of this opportunity. I guess this would be the best gift for him

0 points

I do not know him

2 points

The Press these days exists to sell their wares like other businesses. The truth in most cases than one lies somewhere way below. There are very few in the national Press who report with integrity. We love to read the sensational and the press go all out to sensationalise the trivial.

1 point

Meeting means you are willing to listen to the others point of view. This itself is the first step towards growing relationships. It does not make younsmaller any bit, but reflects a magnanimous approach, something that the US desperately needs of late. It displays a maturity in foreign policy and is definitely a step towards the right direction.

-1 points

its a sin spiritually. Any knd of addiction is bad for a person pschologically also. and porn becomes an addiction

3 points

This is not a popularity contest. If a person has more than one point that he/ she shares, then te no of points should be given credence and points added accordingly.

7 points

YES a BIG YES. I believe in a GOD who created me. I believe in HAND that creates the rules by which we choose to live or not. I BELIVE in a GOD who Loves.

Winning Position: Good

About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Ashish Jacob
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Other
Country: India
Postal Code: 11009
Religion: Catholic
Education: Post Grad

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