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RSS Aston17lais

Reward Points:81
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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

gravity is a constant force. if gravity is not a force why do we feel it

1 point

abortion should be legal only if there is right condition arise for example , if there is bad life prediction for the baby that is going to be born,

1 point

the woman should not be charged with murder because she 's just doing for the betterment of the baby. the baby will face a lot of problems if she/he lives to grow up

1 point

debate island is horrible, there's no two column system, where we can easily see whose side won the debate

1 point

if the space is not pushing the earth from every direction, tell me , by what power of the earth that is going to pull the matters and objects from around , confused!

1 point

at first we must understand carefully the difference between rape and sex, sex is sometime misunderstood as rape, and only the male is being punished. I think there is a lot of contradiction in this topic.

1 point

ofcourse yes , it will be useful for everybody when after reading your mind will grow

1 point

it should be legal. school is the place for learning, students can test both good and bad. there can be more awareness to the society if the youths know about the drugs rather than closing the eye.

1 point

abortion should not be banned because when we know the baby inside womb will spend his or her lifetime as a handicapped, abortion should be the only way to prevent the child to suffer in living life. It is a good thing for the baby. It is like protection.

1 point

it is because your don't accept dying. Our body is made specifically to live for certain amount of time

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