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1 point

If you want to come here for a better life and work hard I agree with that and support that, however legally is the best way to go. Every country has order and rules. Rules are meant to be followed and not broken. I have seen so many countries like Venezuela that has fallen so bad because of the lack of order they have. I believe that whatever the law says is what you should do. That goes with anything. Law says to not steal, I will not steal. Law says speed limit is 50 I will not pass 50. It's simply rules. If the law were to change and allow everyone to come in to america, go for it! So i stand on the side of the law.

0 points

I agree! We should always strive for a better world however we should deal with the world we are living in now in order to one day get there. This means facing our problems now.

1 point

Hey anto27,

Interesting point you are making. I think we are on the same boat on some things. I also feel that background checks should be researched more intensively and that requirements to own a gun should be updated to prevent people who are not fit to own guns. However I do see a huge pattern of most mass shootings happening with the use of illegally obtained guns. So in this case I feel like guns will always be obtained illegally regardless of these restrictions.

2 points

It depends on how you define "control" I don't believe in banning guns but I do believe in updating the way people purchase guns and who. However I do agree that gun rules and tests to own a gun should be stricter and higher so that crazy people don't get guns, however the full ban of guns is too much for me. I have trouble with the narrative of guns in the media. I often see in the news terrible reports of shootings and gun violence but I often never see all the times gun defense has saved so many lives. According to research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Guns are used 16 to 100 times more often to protect lives than to take lives. When it comes to mass shootings, nearly 90% of cops agree that the presence of legally armed citizens would “reduce” or “avoid” them entirely. There are countless amounts of robberies, rapes, assaults, that are prevented when the victim is armed. Guns can do evil but they can also do good. A gun is an object just like a knife, A knife can be used for cooking purposes (good) but it is also a preferred weapon of public mugging to stab someone to death and rob everything they have on them as silently as possible. I believe that we stop a bad guy with a gun by a good guy with a gun. I believe that as Americans we are given rights such as the 2nd amendment for our own self defense. We have seen multiple examples of excessive government control and gun control go wrong in other countries. The Second Amendment isn't just for self-defense in the home. Its goal was to ensure that no military power, foreign or domestic, could ever defeat the country. For example, I have family friends who are from Venezuela and they tell me their own personal stories about police officers walking into their homes and robbing them at gunpoint. In that specific case there was nothing they could do about. Their own government system was turning on them. Who are they gonna call? The police? When they were the ones robbing them. When we give too much power to the government and take away citizen rights such as gun defense we are losing our freedom to ever fight back. Let's say we get rid of guns legally. Will this prevent mass shooting or will people just find another way to get them? Then locals who actually want guns as self defense won't have access to them but criminals who are the majority user, will get them illegally because it doesn't go against them morally or ethically. A German high school student went on a killing spree in 2009, killing 15 people. He did not own a gun. A shooter was able to find and use a gun even in a country with strict gun laws. Shooters will get access to a gun, even with strict gun laws. Bad people will do bad things but it is our responsibility to prepare and be safe with defense in any way you choose. You shouldn't feel forced to own a gun but you shouldn't prevent others who do, for safety purposes.

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