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RSS Babyg41166

Reward Points:105
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

when you think you are ready i guess i am not having kids until i get out of the military

1 point

i love the smell of axe it really gets me goin

on a lot of things

1 point

xVDeathWish so you are saying sex should never happen what so ever WTf is wrong with you sex is natural it shouldnt be illeagal

1 point

She is the sexiest Anime i rather bang her than betty boop and i am a chick

1 point

i would go to ireland for the face all you gotta do is be able to see over the counter or bar it is freakin amazing

1 point

Inuyasha is the greatest

Robot chicken is funny but Inuyasha is really kick ass

2 points

No is shouldn't if it was then you would have some bitchy people

but that is what Barak Obama is trying to do

i can see him trying to stop obesity but he is trying to get rid of all the goodies and that is bull but than again i need to gain 20 pounds i am 20 pounds under weight

2 points

No sex is something natural if it happens it happens

why outlaw something that can be speacial between two people.

1 point

loose because they will do what you don't want them to do but then again you must be a little strict but always make time to talk the more you talk the more they will respect you

1 point

No you never know what they may turn out to be just look at miley cirrus she was a good girl until people found dark secrets any pop star is a bad influence

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Tied Positions: Betty vs. Jessica
Winning Position: Unresolved
Tied Positions: Mexico vs. Ireland
Winning Position: Inuyasha
Winning Position: no
Winning Position: Vampire
Winning Position: Blues clues
Winning Position: Pirate
Winning Position: Jason

About Me

"I love exercising, singing, school, writing, I am very adventurous i am a daredevil I love animals I hav 32 begals 104 horses 60 chickens 13 hogs 89 cattle no cats 52 fish 3 house dogs I love hunting i am very open to try new things I am 17 and I live in indiana in the boonies I am your original tom boy I love to ride bulls and bucking bronco a long walk on the beach yoga I am a romantic"

Biographical Information
Name: Heather Yost
Gender: Dame
Age: 28
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Postal Code: 47456

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