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RSS Badbee

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2 points

video games aren't even alive. How can they think and be telepathic? Bcause this, games do not cause violence. Sony isn't even thinking about being violent. Just you are.

badbee(57) Clarified
1 point

Hey, do you still go on kong? I'm looking for someone to show me the ropes. I heard you can get lots of points by joining a group or something like that.

2 points

Cheerios - the plain ones. It holds up in milk, is good for your heart, and tastes good alone or goes well with any fruit you add. All the other cereals are too sweet and sugary.

4 points

Airport milimeter wave scanners mean they can see your entire body without clothes on. They claim they're blurring the face and pics get erased immediately, but it's only a matter of time before people start taking cellphone snaps of women off the screen. Or if famous people come through, those pics are worth money. If I fly, I'm not going through those things.

1 point

Why is there a ban on offshore drilling in the first place? Every drop helps, and if it didn't make economic sense, then companies wouldn't come in and do the drilling when the ban was lifted. That's the free market.

4 points

If they weren't openly religious, they would be hiding a piece of themselves. It's important to know if they believe in something like the church of alien visitors, because it helps people judge their intelligence. Most of the time they're just pandering to christians though.

2 points

Last I checked, we believed in innocence until proven guilty. Only in cases where there is clear evidence and the people have been arrested should the children not be with their family. Otherwise, if there are no charges, the kids should be back with the parents. That's the way the justice system works.

1 point

Creationism should be taught in science class so it can be shown that it is not based on facts and testable hypotheses. Once students understand the scientific method, it shouldn't be hard to show that Creationism is not science. A discussion of the differences between creationism and scientific theories is useful to prepare students for debates about the two options.

4 points
While people think of it as being a retirement fund, your link shows that the average benefits are 10,700, which is right above the federal poverty level, so it's clearly not a comfortable retirement. The United States has had a negative savings rate recently, which indicates that many people are incapable of making the correct choices for their own future. Or that they believe the government will help them in the end.
If Social Security is little more than poverty wages, then it really is more useful as the federal insurance policy that it started as.
Supporting Evidence: poverty level 2008 (
1 point
I put it off until the last minute. I wish those people that just don't pay taxes were right and I could just never pay. It's ridiculous to assume that you're not going to get noticed nowadays though.
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