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RSS Basedpatrick

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1 point

In the first place, I am a Real Madrid fan. I said that immediately just to inform you, and I don't want to hear people arguing that I am biased.

In the second place, every point I'll make is a fact verified by at the 15th of March 2022. I told you that because in days things can change, maybe Ronaldo scores more, or Messi scores more, so please take in calculation the fact that if you might see something that is not a clear fact it's because of the date. Now that everything is clear I would like to go to my points.

First of all, I'm not going to talk about their prime years. As a footballer, your greatness is not determined by how good you were in your prime, but how good you've been constantly. So every argument like ''Messi had 91 goals in 2012'' is immediately invalid and stupid.

Ronaldo was always the more consistent player, who didn't rely on one team, as he was the best player at MAnchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus and you could even argue Sporting CP, while Messi is struggling at literally the most valuable team in the whole Europe, Paris Saint Germain.

Ronaldo ahs more goals, and was always the top scorer at his team, while Messi was a thing only at Barcelona (not even for the past years)

basedpatrick(5) Clarified
1 point

No, Romania does not share any border with Russia, we're neighbors with Ukraine. If Putin will take Ukraine we will be theroetically the next ones. I said theoretically because being part of NATO we're pretty safe.

It's none of our (NATO) buisness what Putin is doing in Ukraine, as Ukraine isn't part of NATO, threatening Russia will not solve anything, more like it will make them far more furious and ambitious to prove that they are greater than the west.

1 point

In the first place, I'm not a pro-russian person, and neither an american, I'm a romanian, and being a citizen of a NATO member country, I am very afraid that instead of trying to keep peace, NATO would challange Russia and add fuel to the flames.

Challanging one of the greatest military and nuclear power would not bring any good to the world. We all know Russia can't go to war with the whole of NATO, but neither can we, we all need to know our limits.

We can let him go savage in Ukriane, but we don't need to provoke him. This doesn't mean NATO should show weakness, I'm not saying that, we need to hold our own, but holding our own against Russia doesn't mean advancing to them.

1 point

Suicide is definitely not selfish, because most of the time people kill themselves because they don't get love and attention. Why you should give people love if they don't give you, plus, if they don't love you, you have the right or refusing to be by their side anymore.

I wouldn't call suicide selfish, but a stupid solution to every problem

Winning Position: Russia would lose/quit the war

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