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RSS Bdboyus

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2 points

this guy doesn't know anything about Islam. He even doesn't know what is mean of Islam. Islam mean peace not killing or involved in violence. He just keep saying that Muslim people are more violate then other religions people. thats totally absurd. From my point of view,a people who involved in Violante dint have any religion because they are not educated by religion way. If we relay read qua ran we will understand that how Qua ran described about peace. This guy also said that In Afghanistan men dint let women to get out from the house. I dint know why he mention this thing. I even dint want to argue anymore because he needs to know more before he involved in argument.

1 point

We can make social group to teach our children about civil discourse. Our children have soft mind. They always will follow who are older than them. So we should not misbehave infront of them. We should always suggest show how to behave morraly. Our teacher should teach them about cilvil discourse which would be best for our sociaty to improve our civil discourse.

1 point

We are humen being. We have two most common gender in our humen lives one is man and another is female and we weak on our oposite sites; it is naturally happen. Some people say that homosexuality should be legalized. I strongy disagree with it because homosex is prohibited in our religious and it could put bad effect in our sociaty. I have couple of reason to disagree with that.

First of all, we cant go against our cause because we believe that we have to confess to our god if we do something against his rule's.We need to know what is homosexuality. From my side its mean having a sex with same gender. If man has sexual relationship with another thats call homo sex. For that reason i have quetion why do we have different gender if we attractive to same gender. My answere is we have two gender because we are weak to another. Man will attractive to woman and this is natural. We cant go against it. If we do that it would have bad change in the life

Finally, we cant moke our god. Whatever god said in the book it is good for humen. One statistich showed that we are having so many disease because of homo sex and it could be reasom for AID or other Disease. So, my clear opinion is homosexuality shouldnt be legalized because it is wrong.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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