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RSS Beaty

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1 point

saying you believe in something or belonging to a certain religious group to deceive or please someone.

1 point

If you forget it, you might repeat it. Like the Bible say, "There is nothing new under the sun." Man creates man profits, and the saga continues. Its the circle of life.

2 points

Those people you just named are not Muslim they are imposters covering up their misdeeds by pretending to be Muslim to kill and conquer. The people here in American government and in the UN are all manipulating the media to make things seem worse than what it actually is so they might keep control. It is all politics. The media and America speaks of their faith for freedom, peace and civil repute. That can not be farther from the truth.

3 points

The Bible states that the anti-christ and false prophets are among us today, (Matthew 24:23-26), (I John 2:18-22), (I John 4:3), (II John verse 7). (Matthew 7:15). There is one still to come that is to be fierce, leaving trails of blood like nobodies business. There is so much history to go through to try and explain but I'll try to keep it short. All life form began in the motherland Africa. I know we would like to say that blacks and whites come from two totally different worlds but that is so far from the truth. Africa has over 200 different languages, consisting of different tribes and different cultures. Through DNA today a lot of people no matter what race you are can trace their heritage to a tribe in Africa. In earlier times God led Abraham from his family and promised that he will be a father of many nations and kings shall come out of his descendants (Genesis 17:1-6). God kept His Word but we did not obey His every command. So the LORD sent a new King to take over all the responsibilities our forefathers could not keep. Who's name is Joshua(Jesus)Christ. Joshua is the actual name in hebrew meaning 'He will save'. In hebrew its pronounced Jeshua (Zechariah 3) and (Revelations 5:6). There are people in the government that tore down Jerusalem and exiled the Jews to different countries and also killed and left to starve to death. Unfortunately they claim to be Jews themselves of which you cannot totally dispute because they are relatives of the twelve tribes of Israel. Such as the Moabites(Sudan) and Ammonites their Abrahams nephew Lots children (Genesis 12:1-4) and (Genesis 19:32-38). As years passed their families split up and became enemies, around the time when God led Moses and Israel out of Egypt (Numbers 31). Might I add these are Africans. The Midians are Africans; son of Shem also known as Eber the Persians (Iran) and the earth was divided into races their called Indo-european (Genesis 10:25) They are mediums they practice sorcery and astrology and witchcraft (Numbers 22:7-8). Asshur (Genesis 10:22) It says that Asshur is a descendant of Shem but it doesn't give his lineage that is because their found in the sons of Ham section(Genesis10:6). Asshur also built the kingdom called Nineveh (Genesis 10:11). Asshur today is called Greece, and the Bible speaks a lot about how Asshur was chosed to have a dominant trait which God gave him to punish hypocritical nations (Isaiah 10), but Asshur got proud and Judgement shall come as it says in (Isaiah 10:26) and (Habakkuk 3:7). The Midian at the rock of Oreb had an earthquake. In (Isaiah 14) It refers to Babylon as to a fallen angel and Asshur as a fiery serpent. Remember Asshur built Nineveh, in (Nahum 1:11) there will be an evil counsellor that will come from that nation. The Bible also refers to Babylon along with other cities as the land of Shinar (Genesis 10:10). Read (Zechariah 5:5-11) To let you Know in the Hebrew language Ephah means a grain measure and also a medianite. That connects the medianites to Babylon as a woman. (Revelations 14:8) and (Revelations 17:5-18). In conclusion, these are a few of the nations that turned against Israel read (Psalm 83) Even Tyre turned against Israel and he's the eldest of the twelve tribes his name is Reuben (Genesis 29:32 also; Numbers 1:20). (Jeremiah 23)

1 point

Why are you so adamant on who kill cows? When people are being killed over oil and gold and other financial gain. I watched a show about a girl who lost her sister to a violent crime and later in life she became an animal activist. I can understand her trying to become passionate over something. It seemed as though she was trying to compare killing animals to the way her sister was killed. But I must say an animal and a human are not to be compared. But if you would like to can a animal give a point of view? Express a deep compassion for their loved ones? Not to sound insensitive about animals, but why don't we give more attention to the human life that can't find comfort in their own kind.

1 point

it would have to be zombies. Vampires have lost all of their scariness when twilight was made.

1 point

My only question is, Why is it that when we sin we blame God? When will we surrender to our own reality that we choose to do the things we do. I'm not saying that gay is a choice because I know it isn't, its a curse. But the curse was broken when Christ died. So now your free. Free to be you and know that God loves you unconditionally. But does that mean I can go and indulge in sexual promiscuity? No! If you are Christian than you should feel the Holy Spirit nudging at you when you do wrong. Thats the LORD calling you to use the good sense He gave you to become more aware of Christ who died for you, and have a place in heaven where you will spend all eternity with. Here are some Bible references that might help you (Genesis chapter 9:20-27, and chapter 19. Galatians chapter 3. Ephesians chapter 4:verse 30. and Hebrews chapters 9 & 10

0 points

Life consist of nothing but creations. Scientist create medicines such as, anti-biotics, and anti-dotes to fight bacteria and poisons to treat the problem and make you well. Other types of scientists that we wonder why are they getting paid such as (not all agree with me) marine biologist. I believe they study the ocean and sea and all that reside in them. What I'm trying to say is, If man have the ability to create something besides the sun, moon and stars. Who in their right mind would think that it doesnt take time and effort and a little thought into creating these beautiful things you wake up to each day?

1 point

All I can say to that is, "Amen"! Oh how intelligent you are to liefs forever problem, but never to be found solution. I am impressed by your wise and calm dialectic response to the obvious cause to poverty, Oppression.

1 point

The Bible says something will happen in (Daniel 8:11-14) says, the anti-christ will exalt himself and take away the daily sacrifice, out from Jerusalem. He will cast the truth to the ground and practice witchcraft and will prosper. In verse 14, it says that it will continue until two thousand and three hundred days. When those days are up it says the sanctuary will be cleansed. I take that to mean the Temple of God will be rebuilt in Jerusalem. Also, it shares in (Daniel 9:25-27) that number of days shall be when the Messiah is to be cut off. It is told now that Christ has been cut off for two thousand plus years now. Or shall I say Christ has risen Two thousand plus years ago. I don't totally understand the way the calendar worked back then but I know the Bible says in (2 Peter 3:8), "But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the LORD as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day."

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