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RSS Beaubrent

Reward Points:4
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3 points

He is far better than anything the RNC has put forth.

He represents more than the hope of change for a nation, but the desire to return to our non-religious-super-zealotous views of who we really are as Americans.

1 point

Because we are only on this site when we should be at work.... working.

1 point

Nobody should go bankrupt because they are not healthy. You can say that people need to "own up" and "contribute equally," but the truth is that not everyone can and it shouldn't be the end of someone's existence if they can't.

Too many people in the USA go bankrupt because of health. Given the inflated cost of health care and the lack of justified support from insurance companies (and downright dishonesty), it should not be allowed for them to continue to treat health like a business.

Existence is a right. Hands down.

7 points

Something funny about evolution: we evolved to protect ourselves from overpopulating our own planet, so some of us became gay. I am gay, and proud to be an evolved way to save the species.

Now if only we can do something about the war mongering hetero nutjobs who want to take over the world, we'll work on that.

2 points

The Bible was written by men, men with the prejudices and confusion and ignorance of their time and ours today. If man is inherently imperfect (and we are), we cannot hold this book to be a historical account, especially given the claims in it.

Before we base our existence on something, let's take the Reganist view of "trust, but verify" before we put all our chips on that table.

2 points

Even if you believe that God is the driving force of this country, you can't believe that we have done a great job (Iraq, South America) of holding any truth as the Light of the World that you claim we are with your divinity.

We are a nation, not all of us claim to be under God. Let it be done and let's move on.

About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Beau Burr
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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