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1 point

It's difficult to parse what you're getting at. So, Atheism, the belief that there is no God or higher power, is illogical because . . . yeah, that's where you lose me. Is it really a response to religion? Atheist aren't atheist because people believe God, they're atheist because they believe in something different, just like Buddhists believe in something different.

0 points

Facebook is definitely better online. Imagine if you called your friends up just to tell them you like pickles, or you miss your girlfriend or that "The Arcade Fire r0kz0rZ!" They'd disown you, you'd have zero friend instead of 357. Facebook is like a security blanket for your annoying bullshit, it creates a bubble where it's perfectly acceptable to let 300 people know you just when to the bathroom and your pee smells like Corn Pops.

Sex Online, however, I'm sure that's better in real life . . . probably . . .

2 points

Which side do I pick to point out that it's "ICED CREAM"? Grammar Police!

0 points

Yeah, no, you're right. I was thinking of someone who had gender reassignment surgery . . . which still doesn't make them a hermaphrodite . . . so I'm way off.

-1 points

I'm not sure where the benefit would be for movie studios to allow us to legally watch their movies online for free? I guess they wouldn't be spending money on researching how to stop us from downloading.

Does anyone have a source on any statistics on the cost of piracy to the movie studios?

3 points

If you loved dogs, but you were also equally fond of cats, would you want an ungodly mutilated amalgamation of the two?

-1 points

When there are plenty of movie still grossing 200 million during the summer months I'm guessing that the affect of piracy is problem not as far reaching as the movie studios think. Then again, I'm not a movie studio, nor do I have the numbers in front of me.

Still, at the same time you can't fault the studio for trying to protect their property. I think these days we all think we're entitled to free entertainment because it's so accessible, and it's easy not to feel guilty when you're plucking intellectual property from giant movie studios that have truck loads of money. The reality is that the films are their work, and they have a right to control where and how is it distributed, just as much as a student film makes has control over his work.

5 points

Kind of depends on the level of manipulation. Most photo manipulation for newspapers and the like are simple contrast, color and brightness correction, sometimes necessary for the photo to be publishable. Other manipulations can be innocent ones that are more about composition of then anything.

Of course, it goes without saying that any photo editing that would deliberately mislead the public should be punishable, but in my view this is no different than an article that is deliberately misleading, they should both be handled in a similar way.

2 points

The science of global warming is extensive, complicated and confusing, particularly when you try to listen to both sides of the anthropogenic argument. Both sides have points and counter points for each other and the debate over the cause and effects of global warming will likely never reach a consensus. Trying to make heads or tails of the issue is a stressful experience, and I think I'd rather punch myself in the balls for half an hour, at least that's predictable. I hit my nuts, pain is felt. Easy. Simple.

However, as others have pointed out, there are many reasons to cut back our burning of fossil fuels even with global warming aside. Do you like the convenience of a plastic spoon? Hard to eat Wendy's chili without one. Guess what, all that stuff comes from petroleum, and we don't have an infinite amount of that stuff.

Also, the fact that the city of Toronto has something called the AQI (Air Quality Index). If our whether reports include a number that indicates how safe the air outside is to breath, we are already in serious trouble.

1 point

Big corporations are not universally bad, indeed many large corporations contribute to the high level of convenience we enjoy as consumers. A large corporation holds powerful buying power that is returned to consumers as low, affordable prices on various necessary or unnecessary products. Large corporations also facilitate the delivery of cultural meccas such as motion pictures and television programs. Without large, big profit corporations it would be difficult to be entertained by high budget shows such as Heroes or Grey's Anatomy every week.

Having said that, the corporate structure that is so pervasive in our economy dispenses a unique brand of social, political and environmental injustices on an unwitting public.

Corporations are bound to the will of the share holder, whose primary investment goal is to see their stock. For this reason the corporate structure must remain in a perpetual state of growth to ensure continued investment. A CEO of any given corporation will particularly feel the heat to grow. Considering the often short life span of their jobs, CEO will be more than motivated to make a large profits in a short period of time.

Big profits and continuous growth leads the corporate world to seek whatever advantage is available. If labourers will work for literally peanuts in South Asia, then setting up a factory overseas just makes good business sense. Of course there is little concern for working conditions or fair wages, that sort of defeats the purpose.

Regulations, particularly those pesky environmental ones, are sometimes view as road blocks to a windfall of profit. While there maybe some regulations in place that are unfair to business, the majority of regulations are in place to protect the environment, or uphold fair business practices. Corporations have the ability, however, have a disproportionate voice compared to the people to lobby for their interests through the government. To lobby isn't always a bad thing, but a corporation will typically be able to afford smarter, more experienced lobbyists than say an environmental group.

Large corporations aren't a bad thing, but there needs to be a better balance between their needs and the needs of the environment, and the environment.

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