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RSS Bhavya408

Reward Points:12
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Usage of technology is immeasurable. We are the one's who create it and so we have each and every right to use it to any extent until unless it doesn't create Disturbance to anyone's life

1 point

I prefer google because it is more comfortable and user friendly than bing

1 point

I believe nothing is impossible in this world. so there would be some way to go and successfully complete the trip. the matter is we should find the correct way

1 point

Integarated Device manufacturer is the first thing which i got in my mind

1 point

Punishment should be something which can alter a criminal's behavior and death penalty is not the thing which serves the purpose.

1 point

Are u a vegetarian? killing them and eating is something more merciless than tesing products on them

1 point

He cannot be a best friend but some times he can be an adviser in some situations for you to take wise decisions as he knows a lot about you. Generally friendship would be the foundation for a relationship. Bringing back the relation into its previous position is impossible. It is same as one trying to bring back a broken glass into its original form.

2 points

I think there would be no need of a cell phone for a person at schooling level as it has nothing to do with his academics because if he gets any doubts he can clarify them from his teacher. If he carries a phone, he will surely be distracted by it and tends to waste his time. He may not a have enough maturity to use that in a productive manner.

1 point

Books are a better way to enhance the imaginative skills of a person along with improving the vocabulary. whereas most video games makes a person lazy and reduces his intellectual abilities and i feel that getting involved in a book allows him to think about a situation in different angles. the major disadvantage of video games is they make the user away from the world of reality and it also leads to health problems related to eyes.

2 points

ambulance drone is a best option for the rescue of victim who can be survived if first aid is given to him in time because, with the increasing traffic, arrival of EMS is becoming late. sometimes it may also take more time if the driver is not very clear about the address and drones can overcome this as they work on GPS. recent reports by researchers revealed that these drones are able to rush to the emergency spot faster than EMS. It is also expected that with the help of drones cardiac arrest survival rates can be increased to 80%. so we can be able to rescue people in more numbers if we are able to build more drone networks instead of EMS crew.

About Me

Biographical Information
Name: bitttu408 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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