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RSS Bidenisgay

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1 point

Well I guess there is only one way to find out, I always thought it would be cool to adapt to covid, but only the unvaccinated can do it, good luck to all vaccinated

1 point

Jesus, I can't find a debate without you on it. Impresive.

1 point

And if you have more excuses as to why you want to abort a child I will gladly debunk those as well.

1 point

I'm still baffled by the topic of abortions, It's not just YOUR body IT'S THE CHILD'S BODY AS WELL. Why would you kill a baby that has done nothing in the world?

-"Because it was an accident"

YOU knew if you were using protection or not, it's your fault for it happening, don't be surprised by the fact you are pregnant if you used no protection

-"It's a rape baby!"

If you don't want the child that badly, put it up for adoption, or give them a home at an orphanage

-"The baby had a deadly disease, we had to put it out of its misery."

Many children have been born with a deadly disease and they learned to work around it, My brother was born with a rare lung disease that made it almost impossible for him to breathe, now he runs track for his middle school, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

-"It's not a person yet, it's not murder"

studies have said they are human at conception, so even though they look like a pile of cells they are still human.

Abortion is just legal murder, and it is not right. If you make abortion legal at least let both parents have a say because they BOTH have a child, it's wrong for a woman to kill the child and the men get no say, but if the man doesn't want the child and the woman does, the man is forced into paying child support, at this point there are no equal rights

1 point

I think if you were looking at age, you'd have to give them a phone when they get into late middle school or early high school. I personally think it's about the kid though, each child is different, some are more immature, and some are less. It really depends on the child

1 point

Last year, 42,153,664 people were diagnosed with COVID-19, if that was the reason we should've started putting masks on then we should've started in 1918 when the influenza pandemic started, every year an average of 40M people get the flu. The only difference between the flu and Covid-19 is Covid is more contagious but vastly weaker than flu, but eventually, you'll have to face reality, people will refuse the vaccine no matter what you say, Then you have to put people out of their job because of it, and slowly America will become corrupt, and if you try to file a report against someone who killed someone with Covid. It would be very difficult to figure

out who it came from, So I guess this is going to be the next 100-year war"#countries

1 point

If someone was allergic to this vaccine or it was against their religion to take it, would you still file a murder report against them? If yes then you are completely wrong, they shouldn't have to put their LIFE at risk just because of a virus that's not much worse than the flu. They shouldn't have to disobey their religion just so they can fit into your beliefs. And if you are vaccinated then why would you be scare of the unvaccinated? it should be the unvaccinated scared of the unvaccinated if anything. And if it is THEIR body, then it is THEIR choice

Tied Positions: No, it shouldn't! vs. Yes, it should!

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