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RSS Blue001

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4 points

Definitely, it's better to get the religious people of today changed if possible to rely on their brain rather than faith. This is because faith has no basis and it relies just on some magical feeling, but if the religious people who rely on faith use knowledge that is derived from realistic events then they'll make decisions that is probably more beneficial to themselves and the whole of society just through better thought processes

1 point

I think the question asking for right and wrong has already failed. Sure, if the owner of the 14 year old wants to sell their children then what will stop them? If art demands such a thing and people are willing to sell their children to make money then feel free. If people happen to use that as a source of sexual gratification then so what..? There are no negative consequences for anyone except maybe for the child who may or may not completely understand the nature of their actions but even adults dont understand why they do what they do so I doubt they can deem whether a child can pose naked or not at least with reasons.

2 points

Yes, history has value because it is entertaining but it's silly to look at deem mistakes in history as to not make them in the future, because there are no mistakes.

5 points

This side will win

0 points

Who cares, if the person is going to die soon it's not going to matter which way you answer

0 points

Anarchy fails, besides a dictator can develop things faster

2 points

i think yes

0 points

yes he was a pedo

2 points

Depends on what type of education, if they develop their cognitive processes and an effective way of gaining knowledge, I'd say they'd be less likely to be religious since they would more likely be aware of when something is illogical.

3 points

People can do what they like if the negative effects are cast upon themselves and not others

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