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RSS Bobbyman23

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2 points

I think it would be better to die believing that there is a benevolent God, and finding out that he doesn't exist, than to die mocking him only find out he does.

1 point

You think two people who don't like each other should be forced to spend the rest of their lives together, for lulz? That's messed up bro

2 points

The health care industry needed reform. America's rates were growing at a tremendous rate and it would've been more detrimental in the long run to the American people, if the healthcare issue remained unresolved. The cost of failed healthcare system outweighs the costs of a reformed one.

2 points

Statistics actually show that areas where owning guns is allowed has a lower burglary rate than areas that don't allow it.

Besides, banning guns isn't going to make it disappear, just like how illegal drugs are banned, though millions keep on consistently use them.

1 point

No, what about the really old baroque era composers who helped pioneer music?

1 point

The best way to show your loyalty and appreciation to an artist or band is to purchase their music.

1 point

No, this decade of music was not a failure. As technology progresses, music will also progress. Now it is easier than ever to get in a studio and record a song, or to click a button on the computer and purchase all your favorite music.

2 points

Everybody's music taste is different, and what you may think of as good music, may not be what everybody else thinks of as good music. Whether older music is better than modern music is purely a matter of taste.

1 point

No, Jesus is probably the most heavily documented person that ever existed, there is no possibility that he is a myth.

1 point

The vuvuzela has been a part of South African football for quite some time, and over time, has become a part of the sport, adding authenticity to the game.

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