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RSS Borisdecker

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Christians don't believe in evolution.

Banned for telling absolutely astonishing lies. The Catholic Church itself officially endorses the theory of evolution.

borisdecker Clarified
1 point

Your deduction of what I have going for me is faulty due to what you have not going for you including the ability to correctly deduce things.

Aren't you the guy who believes the world is run by gay insectoid aliens?

2 points

So Jesus ranks in your top smartest people on Earth.

Wtf? I don't even believe Jesus existed you intellectually defective tool. Show me the evidence.

That must make you an idiot.

No, your straw man arguments do not make me an idiot. They make you an idiot.

borisdecker Clarified
2 points

If they can pass the entrance exams, then why not? Oh, I wouldn't think most of them could.

I'm afraid that's the irony of it. Bronto genuinely doesn't understand when he says stupid stuff or asks stupid questions.

2 points

I think people with extremely low IQs first need to understand they have extremely low IQs. For example, I witnessed you arguing for three hours last night that Benito Mussolini was a socialist. I'm afraid that no college in the world is going to let you in when you are that stupid.

1 point

When reasoned argument fails the fairy cakes shout RACIST

This slur has been inappropriately applied and hackneyed so often that the term has become meaningless.

No, it's still an astonishingly poignant description of people like you. It's interesting actually, because of the self-contradictory nature of your claims. Who but a racist would be trying to convince other people that racism doesn't exist?

2 points

Because socialism is legitimately the right answer. Smart people often get the right answer.

borisdecker Clarified
1 point

Guilty or not, everyone who owns a gun is dangerous. Americans just don't quite understand that yet.

You are one hundred percent correct, sir.

2 points

First let's start with the FACT that there is no evidence that we will run out of Oil or Natural gas.

I would sooner start with the FACT that you are a dribbling retard without any idea what you are talking about.

At the rate of U.S. dry natural gas consumption in 2015 of about 27.3 Tcf per year, the United States has enough natural gas to last about 86 years. have-and-how-long-will-it-last

2 points

I read the dialogue. Nom proved Fromwithin to be 100 percent accurate.

I literally just busted you for distorting other people's language, Bronto. You are 100 percent a liar.

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