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RSS Bozwallocks

Reward Points:44
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bozwallocks(44) Clarified
1 point

Oh dear, touched a nerve it seems. If you cant handle being called out little boy, don't play big boys games. You were asked 3 times to cough up the evidence about the words I changed and 3 times you weaselled out of it. Now you claim ignorance. Congrats for being ignorant in abundance. And for all the lies in between. Hilariously you now storm off in a tantrum like I'm supposed beg you to stay. Like you haven't been trolling me for the last 10 message. You're a weird little guy.

1 point

They don't they just troll when they've been seen for the deceptive fools they are. The joke is you actually think you can debate. Outlaw has better logic than you

1 point

And now you're literally just trolling. Keep sinking to new lows little man.

1 point

Oh dear lord. I think its clear who the liar is. You were trying to point out an inconsistency with my fires analogy and you know it. You keep saying I changed my words. Point out the words I changed and then call me a liar

1 point

Are you seriously still here.

Its already been clearly demonstrated that you took the words I said to mean different words. That's on you. So stop being such a petulant little wanker.

My statement about gun control was in reply to your attempt to show an inconsistency with my statement about fires. My reply directly referenced both previous statements. Therefore it was a direct reply. This is like swatting flies. Get a life man.

1 point

You assume far too much. Here's the thing you're not grasping. You chastise people for not playing by your rules, but why should you expect them to when you use shit rules. Using your rules you cannot tell the difference between an analogy, a factual statement and a simple figure of speech. You took an analogy literally and astonishingly still managed to get the definition of the words I used mixed up.

The figure of speech "I've got no time to play with you" was in reference to you being a child. Not a factual statement about my future intentions of posting messages on CD.

You criticise me for not answering questions directly when in fact I gave direct concise answers. I just chose not to elaborate. Why should I have to elaborate with someone who treats strangers with such disrespect.

I more than once stated that I was speaking about different degrees of danger.

You missed all of these things, made erroneous assumptions and statements (which makes you a liar by your own definition) And still continue to call me a liar. You need to wind your neck in and sort yourself out.

bozwallocks(44) Clarified
1 point

Haha yes, there are some real clangers in that list! However, those are clear efforts to hide the truth. The new art of bullshit disregards the value of truth altogether.

bozwallocks(44) Clarified
1 point

Hi Amarel

Yes you are right in QT the chances of a particular outcome follow the probability distribution of the wave function. How each distinct measurement takes its particular value is outside the scope of the theory. Although of course that does not prove that the process is random and my intuition is that it is not.

Yes I see what you're saying, So change does happen but any change is predetermined by the core personality. But surely this implies that there is an element of the core personality which cannot change?, i.e.. the predetermined nature of the changes that are to take place.

Actually I think that the causality of consciousness is the question that is central to this issue. If consciousness has no causality then all outcomes are predetermined and consciousness makes no difference.

bozwallocks(44) Clarified
1 point

Hi Marcus

Yes the concept of racism as it stands today might be relatively new, but I think it stems from an attitude towards outsiders on an affective level which then forms the basis for the concepts.

As an aside, I am impressed with your ability to meet cynical, closed minded, obnoxious comments with reasonable dialogue. I think its the sign of a big heart and its genuinely appreciated. When someone as toxic as that wades in with comments showing no value, my reaction is to wash my hands of them. But I suppose your way might be more beneficial in the long run, even if it is lost on that particular commenter.

1 point

Liar, liar, liar, liar. Each time you have called me this you have been shown up for the mug that you are. Yet you continue to throw around the accusation without a shred of supporting evidence. And when defeated, you start personal attacks like some sort of pathetic internet bully. Weak.

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