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2 points

Republican's = KKK? I do believe that the only ex KKK member in Congress is a Democrat!

How do Republican's take credit for Lincoln you ask, simple, he was a Republican, how in the world do you give Dems credit for Lincoln?

Let's see, Dems apposed freeing slaves, Dem Governors fought for segregation and it was Rep. Pres. Eisenhower who sent the national guard to end it, a greater % of Dems voted against civil rights than did Rep. And it was Dems who blocked civil rights legislation in the senate, it was a Rep. Pres. Nixon who created affirmative action.

I am sorry but it is not the Republican party who should be ashamed of their history on race issues, it is Dems who have carry that honor.

1 point

I love it when you make the "flat earth" argument! I suppose the same goes for the 600 scientists who recently signed a petition voicing their disagreement with the ipcc's alarmist conclusions and even showed up at the recent Kioto 2 conference to protest and try to get their voices heard.

2 of them are Nobel Award winning scientists.

Before you make the typical argument that they are all secretly working for Oil Co's, the same could be said about those scientists that support the man made GW argument, after all, that's how they get funding for their research, scare the daylights out of the politicos and enough of their constituents and they throw endless amounts of funding your way.

2 points

I'm pretty sure that it had to warm pretty fast to melt the ice that covered almost the whole planet during the ice age and it would probably me safe to assume that humans and countless 1000's of other species are alive and thriving because of it.

Are you aware that water vapor is responsible for approx. 75% of the green house gases in the atmoshphere?

Maybe we should get rid of water since it is the biggest culprit.

Did you also know that the earth's temp has not increased in the last 7 years? In fact, it has cooled in the last 2.

Also, Mars has experienced warming in recent years, along with a few other planets, I wonder how that happened without us being there.

2 points

"who currently horde 90% of the United State's wealth"?

Since when was someones income the property of the Government? You speak as if the is some fixed pool of money and the rich have 90% of it, therefore keeping you from getting your fair share of the pie. With that mentality and way of looking at things it would be no surprise to me that you would not be earning enough to satisfy yourself and your needs

"Rupert Murdock reported that last year, without even trying to evade taxes, he only paid 17%, while his personal secretary who he pays 60 grand a year had to pay 30%."

I do believe that it was Mr Buffet who told that story as proof that people like himself should pay more, and the funny thing is, there's nothing stopping him from paying more in taxes, he does not have to wait for Obama to raise his taxes, he can just simply check that box on his tax forms that allows you to pay more, so the question is, why is he only paying 17%? Why don't he put his money where his mouth is and lead by example?

Here's some facts for you:

Share of income earned by all tax payers compared to share of income taxes paid in the US:

Share of all income earned in the US:

Top 1 % of income earners: 1990 = 14%; 2000 = 21%; 2005 = 21%

Share of all income taxes paid in the US:

Top 1 % of income earners: 1990 = 25%; 2000 = 37%; 2005 = 39%

Source: Treasury Dept. 10/2007 -

Another interesting stat is that the top 5% of income earners paid 60% of all the taxes paid in the US in 2007.

So it looks like the rich's share of the pie grew at a greater clip under Clinton than it has so far under Bush.

The fact is that the super rich are not the ones who get hurt the most, they can hide their cash, get favors from their powerful friends on the hill (notice that you have never seen any real effort by the Dems to wipe out all of those loop holes that you are referring to, gee, I wonder why?) or can simply afford it.

It is those that are just getting there that get hurt, often they are small businesses who need every penny they can get to compete against the well funded big guys, increasing taxes will make it harder for them to compete, to hire, to invest even more. So, in the end, it will hurt the small business owner and people that he would have hired without the increase. Ironically, that helps the big guy, the harder it is for the small guy to compete the easier it is for big guy to remain at the top.

Let me explain it this way, in 2000 I earn 1 million and my rate is 10% I will pay $100K in taxes, then in 2005 I earn $10 Million and my rate is still 10% I will pay $1 Million in taxes. Imagine that, it doesn't even take a tax increase for Uncle Sam to get $900K more in taxes from citizens succeeding and growing.

That is what we should all want to see more of, that would benefit all of society, the plane and simple point is this, the higher the tax rate the less likely that the scenario above will occur and and the lower the tax rate the more likely it is that will occur.

But, one point I think we might agree on, lets get rid of all of the tax loop holes, you will get no fight from me there!

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