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Hydro energy actually causes flooding, destruction of wildlife and flooding of habitats in the region behind the water dam that allows hydro technology. Wind energy also requires a lot of space and is not relevant in many major cities who require the energy the most. How is my life improved when I have to move houses or risk it being flooded in the case of hydro technology?

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Modern Technology such as the newest communications technologies and internet advances in mobile devices, laptops and television may cause an antisocial attitude to develop in people who excessively use such technology. When people overuse such technology and social networks may result in people confusing it with the real world and thus replaces physical interaction with other human beings by putting up an online persona to boost ones morale and inhibits one from making physical friends. This can be seen in recent years as many people live as 'shut ins' and resort to their online presence as a way of coping with their lack of social physical interaction in the real world.

Hence, it results in many people being reliant on the internet, messaging and social networks as a form of communication as the real world is no longer sufficient for their personal needs.

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