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RSS Burnenstuff

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2 points

No since when you don't understand something it won't make any sense. Generally when something doesn't make any sense or seems irrational your missing part of whats going on. Hence its not being irrational its just misunderstanding what the problem is. If you can find out what the missing piece of information is then it won't seem irrational. Oh and when men aren't understood we are generally referred to as being dumb or an idiot its not just one sided. Its just that we generally identify the same problem differently. Men being dumb and women being irrational. Although sometimes men are just dumb and women are just irrational and vise versa.

1 point

I probably would have been shot since I take a Mossberg 500 with me to answer the door just in case something stupid is about to happen. Especially at night sense nobody comes over that late.

1 point

Maybe it is made to the government health standards to help control the population growth. By killing off people every year through the use of tobacco companies. Why else wouldn't they be shut down they are under government protection. Evil government conspiracy lol yes this is only a joke so don't think I really believe it.

1 point

In general demanding to many rights is demanding special treatment, But extremist have a purpose they make sure things aren't over looked. Although sometimes they go to far. I guess a good example is PETA who I just generally don't like for being zealots. PETA makes sure incidents of animal cruelty aren't over looked but, they don't want people to have pets who for the most part are domesticated animals that will die on their own. The only thing I can see extremist good for really is bringing things to the attention of the public. Not extremist in the since of suicide bombers that crap needs to stop.

1 point

I wouldn't buy a time share in the first place I would rather actually own my property. Besides that the owner of the time share is making alto of money off of people who have to much money to throw around. I prefer hotel rooms because they don't cost alto and they are in way more places so you don't end up going to the same place nor do you feel obligated to go someplace because your spending money on it. I definitely wouldn't get a time share in Hawaii since it might be flooded out and I don't particularly like the idea of being out of sight of land on the way there.

1 point

Hurray a choice between the two things I don't want to be. I guess I would rather be the unsung hero then the hated enemy. Stupid hard choices. I guess since we will all be forgotten eventually it doesn't really matter, but I wouldn't want to be a bitter memory. Even though I really don't want to be forgotten and am making allot of effort to be remembered I would rather my existence be unknown then to deserve contempt. I guess I would rather live out a neutral humble life then to burn a dark negative memory into the minds of the few I care about. The old me would not have thought this way, there is somebody I really need to thank for this change that could be considered ego death.

2 points

Its much more easy to be lazy in America because we are an industrialized country and have easy access to many things. Electricity is readily available and for the most part never out. Water is only a short walk to the kitchen and it very rarely has to be boiled for sanitation. Thanks to cars and maintained roads we don't actually walk very much in order to get things we need. Not to mention most gas stations have more food then some third world country's thanks to processing. We can only be lazy because of how far advanced we have become. Now I wonder. If japan has this problem?

3 points

I got a few weeks left until I'm out for good and I wont miss the feeling of contempt for anything school related. I avoid all after school activity's not just because of the terrifying resemblance an empty school has to a hospital. I just hate being there I only have to pass 2 of my six classes so for most of the day nothing is accomplished. When I'm in a class I need to pass we spend a long time on a single thing that doesn't need that much time to cover. I read for most of the time in class now and still manage to keep up with whats going on. I'm in a completely different world, but thanks to the snail's pace of the class its not very hard to keep up. I spend more time complaining about having to show up at all then doing work. Which I guess is a good thing since if it were the other way around I wouldn't have as much time to think. The only thing I will miss is the time I got to spend thinking about the world, but compared with the things I won't miss it isn't that important.

School is a curse of free time. I won't miss it.

1 point

I really don't care if somebody else prays so long as they don't ask me to and the teacher doesn't lead. Or I'll just refuse the same way I refuse to say the pledge. If for some I do say the pledge it's so I can replace god with Ala or krishna to annoy my southern classmates. Like I said though I really don't care so long as they leave me alone and the teacher doesn't lead. Since that blurs the line between church and state which is ignored often enough as it is. Besides I enjoy being one of the few people that says no and stands off to the side. I like the attention I get for being different.

1 point

I Don't really see the point in Facebook but then again I'm a very private person. Plus I like debates so CD

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