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RSS Calebsdaddy

Reward Points:28
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1 point

Ok, all of you Microsoft execs, you 24 know who you are, should not be allowed to vote in this debate.

7 points

Loud, I am sorry, but you need to make a choice. You think it's probably a sin and yet you don't think it's wrong? Could you be any more contradictory?

Is homosexuality a sin? The Bible clearly shows that God sees it as a sin. I am straight, yet I know many people who are homosexual. I don't cast any blame or judgment on them. I know it is wrong, but I am not responsible for the souls of anyone other than myself and my children. Someone's sexual preference is a matter between them, their partner, and God.

3 points

The best type of music is the music that stimulates your senses and/or makes you happy. It is TOTALLY about personal choice, and my opinion is different from yours, and yours, and even yours. I personally listen to everything, from Classical to Punk, from Country to Death Metal, and enjoy much of everything I hear. I gravitate towards 80's Alternative, hard rock from any timeframe, Classic Rock and 50's 60's oldies, but that's me....

1 point

Please check your sources. It's way too easy to say the bible contradicts itself when you don't read each passage in context.

16 points

Because I have faith. Faith is that funny little thing where you believe wholeheartedly without having to KNOW for sure. Can I substantiate my claims in faith?. No way. They are a matter of FAITH, not fact.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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