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1 point

please describe to me what nothing looks like


1 point

Yes, evolution is no different from any scientific theory. Just because it contradicts some religious theory doesn't make it exempt from being taught. Schools should help children make their own decisions on their beliefs. If you don't teach about evolution then you can't teach creationism either.

1 point

It has something to do with money, but is not entirely dependant upon it. Some with a lot of money can go and buy a lot of things they personally want to make them happier or they can donate it/ help others. Using money can make you happy- but obviously its not as simple that if you have money your'e happy. Rich peoples parents can still die....

2 points

Barcelona would destroy them. Far better squad and benchk[pk;'k';k'k'k'k'lk'k'

1 point

Imagine an infinite number of identical rooms, each with the exact same person inside the room. If given the identical choice, example 'choose between the letters A and B' the person would always choose the same letter. If the conditions were EXACTLY IDENTICAL nothing could influence or alter their decision.

Life is a vast extension on this; everything you do is a choice and your choices are always determined by factors around you and previous events. For example, instead of a choice between 'A' and 'B', imagine the choice of 'what to have for dinner?'. Given an identical choice- people will always choose the same thing.

1 point

Earth is the only place we know we can live. Without a functioning planet earth humans cannot survive so it is essential to try and save the environment. However it requires the involvement of everyone alive and i think this is impossible to organise

5 points

Communism is flawed. If everyone is equal- there cannot be a leader. without a leader a society cannot operate. Therefore a leader is needed and it contradicts itself.

0 points

I believe Ps3 is a better console; free online, blu-ray, menu layout etc.. however i find more people have xbox's so i would rather have an Xbox

2 points

Good answer and supported well with reasons. Thanks for that comment

1 point

Maybe if currency had never existed then the world would be better. But now, society could not operate without money- its essential. Even if we didn't have money as we know it- there would be some form of currency. People have always traded so money is just an extension. In the past people would trade animals, produce etc... money is just an exchange like this in another format and helps human development. If money didn't exist, then trading wouldn't either. If humans didn't work together in such a way they would have to do everything for themselves and that would be beneficial to no one .

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