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RSS Carterusmbot

Reward Points:2
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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

Stop crying Osama the bearded ones will be angered at your girly attitudes

You're the one crying because you got raped by Muslims pal, not me.

2 points

Sure buddy , Muslim immigrants allowed in rape statistics up all across Europe

Muslim immigrants have always been allowed in you fucking astonishingly stupid little cunt.

Muslims are a race?

I didn't say Muslims are a race. I said you are a racist. Learn to read you dumb paddy paedophile cunt.

You attack Jews 24/7

Am I attacking Jews now? Then you're lying.

Who mentioned an army?

Which of us can't read?

10 cases of Muslim rape across Europe wow!

LMAO. Oh, you LAUGHABLY STUPID IRISH PAEDOPHILE. How is it even possible for you to literally REPEAT what I wrote about Muslim gangs (i.e. armies) running across Europe looking for rape victims, and then IGNORE IT in your very next sentence???

You're a pathetically stupid little cunt. I hope the cops find your child porn and throw your nauseating, uselessly stupid Irish ass in prison for the rest of your worthless life. We'll see how racist you are in there, you fucking dickhead, when you're getting reamed by a fat black man every night who makes you call him daddy.

1 point

Jody on blacks:-

Mingiwuwu: Are you surprised that I spotted who you were so quickly?

Jody: Oh shut up you filthy nigger , dadman is a scaremongering troll and a religious nut , you're just a dirty little fat nigger with an attitude problem.

Fast forward a couple of months:-

Jody: Your buddy Karl Marx hated blacks.


1 point

Jody on blacks:-

Mingiwuwu: Are you surprised that I spotted who you were so quickly?

Jody: Oh shut up you filthy nigger , dadman is a scaremongering troll and a religious nut , you're just a dirty little fat nigger with an attitude problem.

Fast forward a couple of months:-

Jody: Your buddy Karl Marx hated blacks.


2 points

Nah bro. I'm not particularly worried about a guy who isn't even president any more overspending on the budget because there's another guy who is the president that is being investigated for treason. Nice to see you with your priorities straight though. I just hate the crooks who try to use distractions to deflect attention away from their own criminality. So glad you're not one of those.

Hey, wait a minute...

carterusmbot(2) Clarified
1 point

If he's a troll he's not a very good one.

He upsets you a lot, which would indicate the opposite.

1 point

Hello science hater

Lol. Well said buddy. The moron must be mentally ill. I don't know how many times I actually have to disprove him.

1 point

Hello Jew hater

LOL! You're NOT a Jew you delusional little bastard. Even if you were, then OBVIOUSLY you are purposefully distorting the PERSONAL hatred I have for you into a hatred for Jews, because that is PRECISELY the type of DISHONEST, morally corrupt little SHITBUCKET you are. You purposefully smear me with accusations you know full well are false and then two minutes later you are back on here trying to play the victim!!! Like I pointed out the first time buddy, you are a disgustingly disingenuous, dishonest little twit.

In case you missed it, here's a link to my SCIENTIFICALLY derived DNA test..

Exactly how many times are you going to FALSELY claim that this test is "scientific"? You know FULL WELL that this test is NOT scientific, so why are you LYING?

To give the public some idea of how INSANE you are, I would like to take the opportunity to inform them that this is the TWENTY THIRD TIME I have posted the following:-

DNA ancestry tests branded 'meaningless'

Commercial DNA tests that claim to tell people whether they are related to Richard III or descended from the Vikings are no more than "genetic astrology", scientists have warned.

Customers are being charged up to £300 to learn whether they have links to famous people or societies despite the fact many of the tests are not backed up by scientific evidence, experts said.

The amount of DNA any individual inherits from relatives just a few steps up their family tree is negligible compared with the vast amount we all share from common ancestors.

It means any ancestral "history" identified by a simple genetic test is just one of dozens of possible interpretations, and to try to trace our lineage directly through our genes is "absurd", they claimed.

Private genetic tests have become big business in recent years, with many companies offering tests which claim to identify whether people are related to famous figures such as Napoleon or Cleopatra, or have DNA from specific racial groups.

Last year the website was valued at $1.6 billion (£1 billion) and at least 40 companies offer genetic ancestry tests around the world for prices between £30 and £300.

At the recent Who Do You Think You Are? Live roadshow in London, customers were offered a range of DNA tests claiming to determine whether they were related to Richard III or descended from Roman soldiers.

A warning about the accuracy of the tests was made by the Sense About Science campaign group, which said "such histories are either so general as to be personally meaningless or they are just speculation from thin evidence."

The warning was backed by a number of leading genetics experts. Steve Jones, Emeritus Professor of Human Genetics at UCL said: “On a long trudge through history – two parents, four great-grandparents, and so on – very soon everyone runs out of ancestors and has to share them.

"As a result, almost every Briton is a descendant of Viking hordes, Roman legions, African migrants, Indian Brahmins, or anyone else they fancy.”

His colleague Prof Mark Thomas said: "These claims are usually planted by the companies that provide these so-called tests and are not backed up by published scientific research. This is business, and the business is genetic astrology.”

Tracey Brown, Director of Sense About Science added: “Genetics researchers are telling us that you are better off digging around in your loft than doing a DNA ancestry test if you want to find out about your family tree."

You see now, how much of a pathetic, deranged little LIAR you are? We go through the same thing EVERY WEEK. You LIE that your ancestry test is "scientific". I PROVE that it is NOT scientific. You scurry back into your little hole like the lying RAT you are, and return several days later to make the EXACT same claims which I have already DEBUNKED.

Fuck off you lying toad.

2 points

Name any conservative who builds crap like that

Your idiot boss bought 666 Fifth Avenue for a billion dollars you stupid little crook.

2 points

They UNIFORMLY have their heads in the sand..

That's just SOOOOOO funny coming from a guy who paid 300 dollars for a bogus ancestry test and then spent the next 6 months attacking everybody who pointed out it is bogus.

You are a disgusting little hypocrite who identifies himself politically with whichever group or party he thinks is going to elicit him the most sympathy. By your own admission you are an ex-Conservative, and you slip right back into acting like one whenever anybody debunks something you say.

Go fuck yourself ExCon. You're a disingenuous piece of shit and a classic example of a raging goddamned hypocrite.

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