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RSS Cballer

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1 point

god does not force suffering on people it's just that some people deserve to be dead or sometimes it's just there tern to die. I'm saying that god will never ever put other people in danger what happen to people happens for a reason and it's not cause of god, people have died because of their choices not because of god. the bible say's tho sho not kill, so why would god do that to his own children. in the bible god did not kill Adam and eve when the disobeyed him he sent them of to place and to never come back. so why would god do that to his own creation that does not make since or like the time when the devil tried to take over but did god kill him no he sent him off, and where he went down stairs. so I'm saying god does not bring suffering on people or on his own creation.

1 point

yes i think god is real. he is god he determines wheather u go to heaven or hell

1 point

first off um i'm only a kid second off you might be smarter that me i don't care but i have a better person and who is people like u i am a person just like you and i don't. what do you mean mix up science i don't do that i'm very great at that subject so u think what you thing and i think what i think.

2 points

what was your purpose to this only thing you just was insulting people for how they want to be. I'm straight but i know other people who are gay and who are lesbians and your just sick to do what you just did and said you had no purpose of this you did not even answer the question you are a sick and twisted man or what ever you are. I know this does not make me better than you, but at lease i'm not talking about people who want to be different and not making people feel bad you are so mean i thought you were a person who love's god but know you are a very bad person and i know god said that gays and lesbians and transgenders will go to hell but he also said never to be disrespectful and to love one another but you are someone who does not even care about that. you are just thinking about the fact that god said all the people who are lesbian and gay and transgender will go to hell. do you even have a heart awe my bad you don't because if you did you are really not caring about other people feelings you only care about you and how you think did it ever occur to you that other people have a heart.

2 points

Transgenders and gay groups i have no grudges against them but if you are gay and a lesbian then why do you care if a lesbian likes a girl they wont go into a boys bathroom and if a guy likes a guy then they can go into the same bathroom, there's no problem there but with transgender's i say if they wan't that you can't have because even if you wan't to be a boy but your a girl you stile have the area of a lady or man so if you wan't to be a girl and your a boy you stile have to go in your bathroom it will never change. But when you see your self as a girl and and you want to be a boy you stile can't go into a boys washroom only because you stile are a girl not matter how you look and how you dress you are stile a girl and if you are a boy and you are gay why would want to go into a girl washroom, if you like a and your a boy you would not want to see a girl body parts so whats the purpose of this argument it is because for all the boys and girls out there whether you are gay or a lesbian you are stile the gender that god created you to be. so you stile have to go into the boys washroom and the girl washroom because of your gender and that wont change, how much you want it to.

1 point

it was a simple answer yes there is alot of violence or not i am a christian and i know what god did ok, im talking about the devil not god im saying is there going to violence because of the devil.god is i great man i know what he did. but im not saying god did violence im saying the devil did

cballer(52) Clarified
1 point

ops my bad wrong person i was suppose to send that to my other friend im so sorry

cballer(52) Clarified
1 point

thank you and i hope he does the same to you i thought. i was the only one to put know i know i have other people there.

cballer(52) Clarified
1 point

No i don't consider that violence but if you are killing something that can make you pay a money then yeah.

cballer(52) Clarified
1 point

OK you are tripping because you said my sister smartie does not have a life but you don't so stop talking to my sister you little childish brat.

Winning Position: violence

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"Whatever you do try your best and never quit also. BALL IS LIFE"

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Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other
Education: Post Grad

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