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RSS Ceweems

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Many people believe that the nuclear deal with Iran is a bad idea, but it would actually be beneficial to both Iran and the United States. By lifting U.S. sanctions this will allow for foreign investment to flow in. "Economic sanctions imposed on Iran by the United States, the European Union and others have significantly restricted international commercial opportunities with Iran, negatively impacting the Iranian economy, as well as having an impact on the global economy through foregone commercial activity. " Increased economic relations with Iran can only help improve the global economy. All Rouhani wants is create more democracy and economic growth and end the fighting. With this nuclear deal, those goals would be accomplished.

Supporting Evidence: The Top 5 Reasons to Sign a Nuclear Deal with Iran (
1 point

Building a wall at the border would not benefit the United States. Doing this would divide both nations and could potentially cause Mexico to raise their tariffs on U.S. imports. Building the wall would also be very expensive, costing between $15-20 billion. The United States cannot afford to build this wall. Trump tells us that Mexico will pay for the wall while Mexico's president claims that they will not pay for any of it. Citizens taxes will probably end up paying for the wall which is pointless when the money could go to many other things.

Supporting Evidence: Source: (
1 point

The U.S. would benefit from the Trans Pacific Partnership because it would lead to an increase in income. By 2025, the increase in income is valued at $77 billion. This increase is due to the lowering of prices on goods through free trade. Another great benefit of the TPP is that it would create over 650,000 jobs in the United States. "Many trade economists believe trade agreements do not change the number of jobs, but instead change the types of jobs. More productive trade should lead to more productive jobs, raising incomes; not increasing the number of less productive jobs."

Supporting Evidence: Source: (
2 points

Overall, the TPP's purpose is to boost economic growth within the 12 countries involved. It is also supposed to raise environmental and labor standards to ensure that products are not manufactured in conditions that would harm workers. By raising labor standards in foreign countries, this will help secure jobs in the U.S. When labor standards are raised, this will cause foreign manufacturers to raise their workers wages. By doing this, companies within America will not want to send their products to be manufactured in another country therefore securing American jobs.

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