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RSS Chaudhrytown

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@bigoats Stop loosing your shit. The division in this country is pretty much bound to happen, with the black lives matter protests, banning of muslims and president not liking the Mexicans. It will take a very strong and logical mind to stop the people from fighting each other. We have to come back to humanity, otherwise we all go to shit, some of us earlier than others.

1 point

He does not have a plan. So far he has made all sorts of promises from jobs, to building a wall and to banning muslims. The white suprecamists are loving this because America will be white again. The jobs that are overseas cannot come here because no way in hell would the americans be willing to work for a sandwich and a piece of jelly as their pay. We have big dreams, of big things and this consuming culture has created monsters. Guess who will be doing most of the consuming, Donald Trump. You broke ass people will still be broke.

1 point

Performance enhancing drugs are needed in sports only because of the thirst of the fans. We want to see more touchdowns, guys that jump higher and want to dunk the ball more crazily than Michael Jordan ever did. The truth is the bar keeps on getting higher and higher and we are never satisfied. The pressure is on the athlete to do spectacular things because that also means more dollars for the corporation. If you want clean sports have drug tests every month and penalise the athletes heavily.

Tied Positions: Everyone else's right vs. White rights

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